Projects and Plans and Problems




I don’t even know where this past week went.  It was the big kids’ first full week of school (last week was just a 4-day week).

We had lots of errands to run – but in between, I managed to finish a project I’ve been planning since before we moved:  I didn’t get a complete “before” picture, but I painted a plain brown book case white …




and then I got the idea to paint the INSIDE of the bookcase a different color.  Something I’d happened to see on Pinterest.

The bookcase belongs to the girls, and Annie Belle’s new bed/comforter set is this color scheme:



My plan was to paint the shelves of the bookcase a lilac color – but the paint section had a pre-mixed, small can of a lovely plum for $3 … and that sealed my decision to go darker (the white is just satin-finish spray paint).




And here is the FINISHED PROJECT (minus books and accessories):


Miriam also managed to play outside in her “sand box” some – the 50 lbs of playground sand was a “gift” from Dan’s co-worker who is moving.  I just put it in a big rubbermaid container!




Thursday we had to buy MiMi’s school supplies … I was thankful I didn’t have to get them at the same time as A & A’s because school supplies add up – even though I got most everything I needed at Aldi (MiMi’s class requires diaper wipes for snack clean up, plastic baggies, cups, and other things I can get there!) and Dollar Tree.

Today (Friday) MiMi had her Open House for K-4, which begins next Tuesday!!

Tonight, the big kids had a school/youth group fish fry at our pastor’s home.  There was a contest for any one who wanted to dress up as a hillbilly.  Annie-Belle won 2nd place (a $15 Taco Bell gift card!).



PS For those who said a prayer that our rent check from Missouri would show up … it still hasn’t!!!  I finally talked to our property manager Tuesday (after leaving a message for her to call me last week!!) –  and the problem had NOTHING to do with our new address/old address.  Apparently, the realtor’s computer program rendered our account EXPIRED because we’d initially signed with this realtor in July of 2013 and had a “1 year contract,” based on the computer entry, which  expired July 2014.  😦   It was a “glitch,” and the realtor has adjusted the computer to an indefinite contract … however, I’m wondering if we even want to stay with this realtor in the future – although for now we have renters in the house that plan to stay a while.  What bothers me most is my realtor didn’t even apologize … even after I told her we had to scrape together a mortgage payment this month.  😦

My husband is working overtime tonight until midnight (a 16 hour day!!) … it is shifts like this which keep us afloat, so I’m thankful … but still, things like that shouldn’t happen!!



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5 Responses to Projects and Plans and Problems

  1. melanie says:

    Oh dear. So sorry to hear your woes with the long-distance realtor {btdt}. Um, yeah, and the lack of apology for the difficulty resulting…

    Ahem. The rest of your news sounds & looks great! Except it reminds me of the bookshelf I was supposed to paint a few *years* ago… I’ve gotten used to the look of ‘half of the paint removed’ mixed with new unfinished shelves. 😎 Somewhere there’s a can of bright blue paint for it.

  2. Amy says:

    Yikes! I WAS praying about that check. Glad you tracked it down, however, now that your “contract” is up, I might consider a new property management company!
    The bookcase is wonderful! I love to paint older furniture to give it a new life, and this one is so cheerful for the girls’ room.
    Cute little Arkansas hillbilly you’ve got there…she deserves the gift card! 🙂

  3. diarysahm says:

    I have had such a bad experience with realtors that I can honestly sympathize with you. Personally, I want nothing to do with our previous realtor, matter of fact they have a very bad reputation here in town.

    Love your finished shelf for the girls room, so sweet and it perfectly matches her bedding 🙂

  4. Tanya says:

    I think you did a great job on the bookshelf. :o) I love finding deals on paint in the “Oops!” section.
    I kept my sand in a Rubbermaid box for years…….it was much more clean that way. The lid had a much better seal than a regular sand box. Actually, I think I still have it under the deck out back.
    Annie-belle looks so adorable! Yay for $15 Taco Bell gift cards!!!

  5. babstig says:

    Wow! Crazy realtor…I would consider a new one. 😦 Love the book shelf!

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