Week in Review – 9/12/2014

So, what’s going on in our tiny corner of the world??!  Well, a lot if you consider the contents swirling around in my head …

As far as actual progress … no news about my externship at Walgreens (80 hours unpaid job shadowing).  Of course, in my head it is looking something like this:

My optimistic Career Counselor:  Mr. Walgreens Area Manager, I have an externship candidate you need to place…

Mr. Area Manager:  Oh, great … yet another externship flunky we have to babysit … no one is hiring … why did we ever agree to work with your institute!  But, ok … I’ll talk to my pharmacists and see who can take this person.

Pharmacist at store #1:  Nope, don’t have time … It is flu shot season and my techs are too busy to do this right now.  

Pharmacist at store #2:  I took the last externship person.  It’s someone else’s turn!

Pharmacist at store #3:  Why should I take her?  I can’t hire her anyway … don’t waste my time or hers … 

Pharmacist at store #4:  Ugh …


That’s probably – hopefully – NOT what is happening … but if you know me, I like to think “worst case scenario”!!  😉  No one really wants me anyway and all that.  (You’d think I would have gotten over that way of thinking in Junior High!)

But in the meantime, 2 other things have happened:

1.  I am schedule to take the national Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam next Saturday.  I was a little anxious I wouldn’t have child care for the test day, or Dan would have to take time off (the test site is in a city 50 miles away), but now it is not an issue.  It’s a 2 hour, 90-question test.  I’ve talked with an acquaintance who is a pharmacist, and she says her techs had no problems taking the test!  They said if you can read and comprehend, you can probably pass!  🙂  I do need to study up on my calculations, and I have a sample test I can take this coming week.

2.  I have applied for a job I am really slightly optimistic (if not realist) about!!  I won’t know anything until at least October … and if it is looking good, I’ll share more later!  Just please say a prayer for me about this.  It SEEMS right – but then again, so many things we thought seemed right turned out to be very wrong.

It seems like the theme of my life the last few years has been WAIT and TRUST GOD’s TIMING.  Meanwhile, stay busy, don’t worry, just pray.  a lot.

Otherwise, I am juggling the kids’ schedules.  Poor Drew got a lecture from his coach about being late for basketball practice on Thursday when I had to be 10 minutes late because I was driving Annie-Belle across town for her theater class at overlapping times.  Daniel was working overtime, so we were doing the best we could.  Oh well … it was a good lesson for Drew about respecting authority even though they were (seemingly) not being fair or didn’t know the whole situation.  He did keep his mouth shut … and said his run after the lecture was extra fast because he was blowing off steam!!  🙂

The other thing I work on daily is being content and being calm.  I’m not always succeeding  … but I am trying.  I have found that being thankful for what we have is effective in driving away the discontent.  This is a prayer I say often:

10636255_10152368955516961_1429006911302715099_nSaturday I plan on relaxing … Daniel doesn’t have any overtime (he worked 12 hours last Saturday!!), and it will be good to spend a day with him.  And it will be good for him to get some much needed rest as he did work a 16 hour day on Thursday.

Happy Weekend!!



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2 Responses to Week in Review – 9/12/2014

  1. Ruth says:

    Whew! You are amazing. I’m glad to be out to the shuttling job these many years, now my girls are coming into that time of life. They are both single so sharing an apartment and parental duties for a 2 yo and a 13 yo.

    I’ll be praying about the job situation.

    God bless!!!

  2. melanie says:

    Wait and trust God’s timing ~ excellent motto, my dear. {sigh} So easy to ‘know’; so difficult to ‘do’ most days. 🙂
    Ahhh, enjoy your Saturday together!!!

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