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This post will be a little backwards as I will start with the events of TODAY and go back to yesterday and the day before…

So, it was a truly lovely day here in NW Arkansas today.  I had to drive to Ft. Smith at noon to go to the test center where I’d take my Pharmacy Tech Certification Board (PTCB) exam … and that’s about 50 miles over the ridges of the Boston Mountains.  I didn’t so much enjoy the drive there as I was still cramming conversions and formulas and suffixes of medication names in my head, but the drive home was lovely.  It was me and a bunch of crazy Hog fans on their way to Fayetteville to watch the Razorbacks play Northern Illinois (I think)??  In any case, Arkansas won 54-14 … so I’m sure those fans drove home happy, too. (Andrew and some of his classmates and teachers worked a concession booth for the game – it is one way they can fund-raise for their Senior trip, so he was witness to the victory as well.)


Well, I wasn’t so confident.  I had taken 2 on-line practice tests … and I had failed them both!!!  Like, I missed 31 out of 90 on the official PTCB practice test.  However, I crammed for days – until I had a severe migraine for a few hours on Friday … but it was all worth because

I DID PASS!!  (Well, prelimilarily; I get the official results in 1-3 weeks along with my certificate if my test wasn’t somehow altered drastically)




So, anyway …

on Thursday, our oldest child – Drew – turned 16!  IS THAT REALLY POSSIBLE!!?

I brought cupcakes to school … and the kids were able to enjoy them with their al fresco lunch (I love that their school allows them to eat outside when the weather is nice!!)

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On Friday, several things happened – besides my migraine, which I knew was brewing the minute I got up.  BUT no rest for the weary – MiMi had to go to preschool, and I had to go meet up with a pharmacist who is going to be in charge of my externship (80 hours unpaid job-shadowing experience) at a local retail pharmacy (you can guess which one!!).  I ended up staying for 2 hours … so only 78 more hours to go!!

This means, I will be working Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for the next 3 weeks as well as some time on the weekend to include 8 hours tomorrow.  Such is the life of the pharmacy tech … people needs their meds every day of the week.  Actually, I don’t have to work on weekends for this externship (since I’m working for FREE, it is up to me how long I want this to go on), but I want to get done in about 3 weeks instead of dragging this on for 5 or 6.

Thankfully, I was able to pick up MiMi from school and go home and crash for 4 hours to rest my weary head.  BECAUSE that evening, Drew and an exchange student friend of his were having a shared bowling-birthday party.  And lucky me was the chaperone.   But it was fun to watch the kids bowl … and I tried to get in some test studying as well – believe it or not.

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So, our joke is (with this exchange student … he’s from China … obviously his name is DANIEL) that Drew is a “bad kid” because he gives his mom such a hard time!!  When I volunteer at the cafeteria at the school (which I did again this week, too), some of my kids’ friends come around and talk to me for a few minutes … and of course, we tease and cut up.  So, Drew apparently picked up the nickname “Bad Kid” as evidenced by the cake that Daniel brought!

And the thanks I get for putting up with about 15 teenagers at a loud bowling alley for 3 hours … well, see for yourself:

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And now … I’m hopeful to go to bed and NOT dream about compounding medication and drop-rate formulas for IV solutions and Medicare Schedule A and Schedule II drugs …



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    WEll done, you!
    I agree that the fresh air for lunch is a great perk for your kids! It appears that ‘bad kid’ has some good (new) friends in Arkansas! 😀

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