HHM – 10/6/2014



It’s Monday again … joining Sandra for a quick HHM … I’m off to help in our school’s cafeteria soon because one of the lunch ladies’ husbands passed away yesterday.  I’m just glad I’m off from my externship today that I can go in & help.  Only 3 more days to go at the pharmacy:  Tues, Wed, and Thurs from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Breakfast time, what is on the plate this morning::::

the usual.  Poptart & coffee.

On today’s to do list::::

work at the cafeteria from 10:30 to about 1 p.m.

laundry is ready to be put away or at least put into the kids’ rooms for THEM to put away.

Currently reading::::

sadly, nothing.  😦

On the TV today::::

MiMi woke up this morning somewhat disappointed/mad and stated, “I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!”   Her preschool meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  But since I work at the cafeteria she gets to play with the other staff kids in the school’s “teacher day care”.  Anyway, I think she is ok with watching cartoon a few minutes before we have to get ready!

The weather outside is::::

lovely!!!  Sunny, slightly nippy, very fall-like.

On the menu this week::::

I HAVE A  MENU for Monday thru Thursday when I have to go grocery shopping.  Sadly, we discovered last night that when my husband’s parents were here last weekend, they unplugged the extension cord in our garage which leads to our freezer to plug in their own extension cord for their RV.  Our freezer has been unplugged for over a week … and $50+ worth of food is ruined.  😦 That kind of sets us back …  again.

Chicken-cheese-broccoli casserole

chili or chicken chili

baked potato with all the toppings


If I have a few minutes to myself, I will::::

Just breathe.  That’s kind of how I feel!!!!

In the garden::::

my herbs are dying AGAIN … I may give up on my dream of using fresh herbs!!

Favorite photo from the camera::::

This was my husband’s leg TWO YEARS AGO today!!  Thank God for His healing and for His provision since that time!

oct 2012

Homemaking tip::::

Just keep up with it … that is all I’m trying to do right now.  Survival!  😉

Praying for::::

my friend Jen continues her chemo journey …

the realtor who went missing in our area last week (actually she was by Little Rock) was found dead.  So sad.  😦  They did find the man who allegedly kidnapped and killed her.

my own job search:  I got a call on Thursday from a local hospital for further information in response to my application.  The lady I spoke with said she was forwarding my application to someone in Human Resources who was out of the office until Monday … but they “may call me” on Monday (today).  Nothing like staring at the phone all day, hoping it will ring!  I would far rather work for a hospital than a retail pharmacy.

Bible Verse, Devotional that is resonating me with at the moment::::

God provides in his own way and timing.  I shared last week how God provided a need we had by showing me I’d miscalculated our checking account register in our favor.  I was checking in to our bank again on-line on Sunday because we’d bought a few groceries and been to Goodwill over the weekend … and again, my checking balance was off – in our favor!  My dad, who banks at the same institution we do, had transferred some money over to us!!  He does that every so often because my parents pay for Annie-Belle’s theater class – but he often rounds the amount up to give us a few extra dollars!




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  1. Tanya says:

    A freezer mishap is always disappointing!!! So sorry for you on that.
    On another note: Dad’s are the best! So glad that yours is helping!!
    I am still praying for you!

  2. melanie says:

    Oh no! {picking up my jaw} — so sorry about the spoiled groceries in your unplugged freezer 😦 So sad. Praying for you to get a call for the ‘right’ position soon!

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