Everybody’s Working for the Weekend!

… or in our case, EVERYBODY is WORKING this weekend!!

It will be my first Saturday shift (8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) – and while I wasn’t required to work, it was offered to me by the head pharmacy technician so I could spend some quieter time (hopefully) with her, learning the computer system for the pharmacy better.

Daniel is working until midnight tomorrow … and then ALL DAY – 12 hour shift – on Saturday.  When we ask God to provide our needs, He seems to often answer with providing EXTRA WORK.  Ha!  That said, we plan to take the NEXT weekend COMPLETELY OFF!!

Our big kids are helping with a church Halloween-alternative program called “House of Destiny” each night through Saturday.  So they are and will be gone until after 10 p.m.  this weekend anyway.  THANKFULLY Drew can drive there and back!!  Yeh – no more late night pick-ups for me!!

The kids also didn’t have school today or tomorrow due to a teacher development day and the above mentioned House of Destiny taking over the school facilities.  So far, they’ve been doing great – or so it seems.  The only casualty I saw was a sheet of blackened cookies sitting on the counter when I got home.

Today I began training with my boss for my new job as the billing manger.  May I just say this to be true:


Actually, I think where I work it won’t be too thankless as the 2 ladies who already do some of the billing are happy to have a third person aboard!!  The true part is that the rules are always changing – especially in dealing with Medicare – and now soon in the medical coding world as codes change from the current “ICD9” codes to “ICD10” codes, the next advance in billing.

This may prove to be:


569.42 is the medical code for “pain in the rear end” … to put it nicely.  (you can google it!  “icd9 code for 569.42”)

In any case, I do like my little bitty office space that is ALL MINE!!!  I’ll have to take some pics (it won’t take many to see it all!! LOL).  God knew what He was doing when He gave me this job!!  Today I worked in my office (learning from my boss and then doing tutorials) for about 6 hours, and I worked in the pharmacy for 2 hours.  A nice mix of sitting and standing – quiet and people.   My day went by super fast!

While I think eventually my home-body-ness may catch up to me occasionally – especially on those cold, dark winter mornings coming up when I’d just as soon stay home and read a book, I do hope that the work I do and the people I work with will continue to motivate me to come to work!  Still so incredibly thankful for God’s provision through this job!


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