30 Days of Thanks – 11/1/2014

2e2f33e1a6368bb060fa4f706bb3440dSince 2009, I’ve been blogging through November with daily “30 Days of Thanks” (with the exception of 2013 when I was coming off my “31 Days of Quiet” writing project in October and utterly out of words!!) …

It is a great way for me to go back and look at

the good times – November 1, 2009  and November 1, 2010

the reflective times – November 1, 2011

and the not-so-good times – November 1, 2012 

Of course, it all culminates at my BIRTHDAY on November 30!!

I am not sure how my work schedule will allow me to do this year – but I want to start out attempting to share what I am thankful for and remind myself HOW GOOD God has been to me and my family!!

Currently, I look back at the last few months and am IN AWE!!!  After a few years of uncertainty and really struggling financially, we are FINALLY seeing some light at the end of the long, dark tunnel.  While I’m incredibly thankful for God’s provision all along the way, it has come with some real doubt and testing of my faith!  And even through that time, there was much to be thankful for:   our family stayed in tact and, in fact, maybe even grew closer; we had our health; and we were always provided for in some way, some how!

Just in the last few months, God has given me “the desires of my heart” and returned some of the things the “locust ate” (if you want to be biblical about it!! – Joel 2:25!).  In fact, that verse has come to mind several times over the last few years:

And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

While I realize I am probably WAY out of context here, I occasionally felt like the locust (or SOMETHING dreadful) ate my husband’s career, our house, our money, and our happiness in material ways.  But I also remember (keeping things biblically themed here – again, probably out of context) the verse I saw when we were on vacation this past January posted on an old spa building in Hot Springs, and I kind of claimed as my theme for the year 2014:

Jeremiah 30:17

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD …



And materially, financially, God has restored a few things to us:

we now have 3 functioning – albeit very old – vehicles, which is a huge blessing now that Drew is driving:  the old Buick is running like a champ (minus heat or a/c!), our old Saturn Vue remains a faithful vehicle after getting its new body module, and my birthday gift van from last year is still my favorite vehicle of all!!

we now live in a lovely little home that I has so many features that I love.


and now most recently, the seemingly PERFECT job for me which is a mix of service (pharmacy technician) and silence (medical billing) – and my VERY OWN LITTLE OFFICE.


The question is – if God had NOT restored these things to us, would we still serve Him??  I would hope so!  I would say so!  We clung to faith when we had nothing else to cling to – and He was faithful.  He was faithful to those who had much worse situations than ours:  Job and Joseph in the Bible – and people we know of even today who suffer unjustly or deal with chronic situations that seem harsh and great.  When the burdens are the heaviest and we are at our weakest, God proves to be the strongest!

I. am. SO. thankful!


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  1. angiemart says:

    He is faithful! In my own season looking to Him for strength; He is there. He never leaves us or forsakes us. Praise the Lord!

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  2. melanie says:

    {I’ve been spending way too much time on facebook apparently –> my first thought when I saw this in my inbox was “LIKE”}
    Any-whooo, so glad to see you are doing this again this year! And so thankful with you for God’s abundant blessings to your family ❤

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