30 Days of Thanks – 11/4/14

2e2f33e1a6368bb060fa4f706bb3440dToday we celebrate … not only was it a pretty good day in Arkansas (at least for the folks I vote/cheer for!!) … but it was Annie Belle’s 14th birthday!!

She arrived quite unexpectedly 14 years ago as she was due around November 26th.  I remember thinking that we were going to be awful busy during that time with her birth, Thanksgiving, and then my birthday too!  However, Annie-Belle (via God!?) had other ideas and arrived 3 weeks early when my water broke early on a Saturday morning – she was also unexpectedly breech (a midwife had told me just a day or so before that she could feel Annie’s head “in position” … but that head turned out to be a bottom!!).  Not only was her arrival unexpected, her delivery via c-section was unexpected after having a completely natural birth previously.  Honestly, I didn’t mind NOT having 20-something hours of labor this time though!!

Annie-Belle is our spirited, fun-loving, social butterfly.  She is NOTHING like her parents in that aspect … but she helps us get out of our shells occasionally and loosens up her uptight parents!!  Most of all – and best of all – Annie loves God.  She also loves people – and has a heart of gold.  My husband once defined her as “having no guile”.  She just is a nice girl. I’m so thankful for her.


She’s always been somewhat of our “wild child” … just happy-go-lucky, fun-loving, and very sweet.  (I’m not going to focus on the outcomes of being that happily laid back … such as not really being too concerned about a messy room….).  😉


How quickly 14 years have gone by … but I love having a shopping buddy, a fashion critic, and a daughter who is growing up to become my friend.


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  1. melanie says:

    Happy birthday! Lovely young woman — ❤

  2. babstig says:

    She is looking so grown!

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