30 Days of Thanks – Nov 7-9, 2014



Today I’m thankful for the WEEKEND.  I do like my job … I really do – nice co-workers, not really TOO stressful, and just overall a great position for me.  And yet, as in entering any new situation, it takes a while to feel the groove of it, to kind of scope out the people you work with, but I’m thankful to have a job …

But this weekend, I think things finally caught up to me:  I’d worked 11 of the last 12 days (since I worked last Saturday) and by Saturday morning I was just feeling BLAH.  My head ached allllll day and I was soooooooooo tired!  Thankfully, it wasn’t a migraine, but just a dull achy head that made me want to close my eyes and not move.

And yet:  I had so much I wanted to do, to catch up on!  THEN when Dan finally took the girls away to get milk shakes and Drew was away at a birthday party, I thought I’d have a few hours of quiet … but a voice from my past came back to haunt me:  my old neighbor called.  Their car was broke down, they needed to get groceries, could I help??  Well, who is to deny a friend in need??  Certainly NOT me after so many people have gone out of their way to help me at times.

As always, with this lady, a trip to the grocery store turns into a ride around the entire city as she thinks up more things that need to get done.  And I get it:  life without a car is kind of constricting – I’ve been there, done that enough times the last 3 years!!

When I finally got home, Dan and the girls were just getting home … and Drew was home from his party as well.  I just went to bed early.  Laundry overflowing, dishes not done, and everything basically just kind of a mess.  Thankfully, Annie-Belle did take over MiMi’s bath time so at least my kids went out this morning CLEAN!!

And now, I’m thankful for a few hours of quiet.  I slept well and hard – for almost 10 hour … but my head still aches and I just don’t feel well.  And my husband suggested I stay home from church this morning.  Best idea ever.  I am pretty sure God understands!

And most of all, I am thankful for a merciful God who knows that we are but flesh – and that surviving in this old world takes a lot out of us.  I think it will be so awesome in heaven when we FINALLY have all the time in the world – with no clocks, no bills, and no stress (and no headaches!)!


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  1. melanie says:

    Oh I do hope you are feeling better now! Get plenty of liquids and rest, as my dad would say.

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