30 Days of Thanks – 11/12-13/2014



The days are flying by so quickly … I can’t believe we’re headed to mid-November already!!  I haven’t been able to post because I’m super busy with a NEW PROJECT … and my silly day job gets in the way!!  😉  It doesn’t leave me enough time to CREATE!!

So, what have I been up to??!  Well, Annie Belle has always wanted to do a mystery dinner theater type party … and I just never got around to making it a reality … like I never had the time or whatever.  And so, since I have a full-time job now, I figured it is a good a time as any to write, direct, plan and cook for a mystery dinner/birthday party tomorrow!!

That’s right:  I wrote the whole thing – 4 acts!   Annie Belle is having 4 friends over tomorrow night, and I customized each part to each of her friends:  a basketball star, an actress, a country girl, a frazzled mom, and chemist/scientist.  Drew is being a good sport and has agreed to make an appearance as a detective!  I’m playing the part of the housekeeper … in other words, I appear as myself.  😉

It should be a lot of fun (I hope!!).  I am sure everything will come together … but considering the fact that it is 12:10 a.m. … and my brain is still in overdrive mode, I have a feeling the big crash will come as soon as this thing is OVER.

That said … I am THANKFUL that Annie Belle has 4 good friends that are willing to come over.  This whole adjustment to Arkansas has been a process – but I think the kids are all finally feeling more at home.  I was doing ok – until I again am the NEW KID at work … but the folks there are so nice.  I know I shouldn’t feel like such an outsider; but it is hard to be “new” all the time – in the midst of people who have seemingly all known each other since forever!!  That’s why I miss my military friends – we were ALL the new kids, over and over again.

And so I end this post with a great big thanks to my “old” friends – those from way back in high school and from our Army days and our military community days – who still keep in touch via the world wide web!!  With you, I’m not a new kid, I’m an OLD kid (??!).  😉

Speaking of this:  old friends from our Germany days (15+ years ago) are spending 2 night WITH MY PARENTS this week!  It’s a small world after all.  (Their son is planning to go to the Bible college at my parents’ church.)   I love how God often networks!






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4 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – 11/12-13/2014

  1. Rebekah says:

    I guess I’ll be one of those “old” friends as well. Had no idea our Germany friends were staying at your parents house when I saw her post on fb. Such a small world. Speaking of old, I can’t believe it’s time for that boy to be in college! I remember teaching him in the Toddler class at TBC.

  2. Amy says:

    Greetings from an ” old ” friend…who thinks the party sounds like a lot of fun! Sounds like you’re thriving in your new routine!

  3. Tanya says:

    You are so great! What a fun idea! I will pray for you that the crash happens AFTER the party. :o)

  4. charla says:

    I LOVE keeping up with your life on here! And the dinner theater? Wonderful! You are officially SuperWoman. 🙂

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