30 Days of Thanks – 11/ 15&16 /2014



This weekend I am thankful for QUIET … You all know how much I cherish QUIET.  Especially after a busy week and hosting a party.

Saturday was nice & quiet … I stayed home most of the day – caught up on laundry and such like.  I had to get out in the afternoon because Annie-Belle’s gym teacher said her PE pants were too tight 😦   Which I guess they were – and I’m thankful the school looks out for the girls’ “modesty” … Then ironically, at Walmart, who’d we run into but Annie Belle’s gym teacher??!!  I told her she owed me $25 for 2 new pairs of active wear pants.  😉

Anyway … in the evening, we watched college football … and the Tennessee Vols blew away Kentucky.  Later Arkansas beat #17 ranked LSU!  Drew was working concessions at Razorback stadium (fund-raising for school) and said it was a LOUD game.  This is the Hog’s 1st SEC win.  It’s a big deal.  It was also a cold game – kick off temperature at 7 p.m. CST was 27°F!

Today was church, of course.  And now I’m spending a quiet afternoon at home … The first snow of the season has begun.  So far it is just a dusting.  I don’t know if more is forecast – but yesterday “they” were saying we might get up to 2″.  We shall see what the rest of the day holds.

Personally, it’s a little early for snow, in my opinion … but it sure is pretty outside!


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  1. angiemart says:

    So jealous. I LOVE snow. We moved to Charlotte and it looks like it’s going to be slim pickins around here for snow. If I see a Nor’Easter headed toward VA, I’m goin home to my parents!

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