30 Days of Thanks – 11/17/2014



Today I’m thankful for the Bible.  I know we should NEVER take it for granted … I can’t imagine how those who don’t have the Bible live – or those are persecuted for His name feel … but I do know this:  they are the BLESSED ones!!  (more later about that thought)

On Monday nights, for a long time now, we’ve been having a Bible study with a sweet man from our church.  I’ll be honest that I really thought it would be over by now … I mean, we’ve covered a lot of ground:  ground we actually already know.  But I guess it is good to be reminded of?!  That’s how we try to look at it anyway.  The study is meant more for new Christians – but Dan and I have had the privilege of becoming Christians at an early age, attending Christian school, and then a Christian liberal arts university.  We’ve been in more churches than I can even remember and have heard a ga-billion and one sermons in our life times already.

HOWEVER, isn’t the Word of God a well so deep that we’ll never ever drain all its wealth no matter how long we’ve known of its Source??

In the last few weeks, we’ve been covering Matthew in our study.  Today we studied one of my favorite passages in the Bible:  The Beatitudes – Matthew 5:  3-12

Our study made me think of each BLESSED in a new light!  

vs. 3 – THE POOR IN SPIRIT.  (not the poor monetarily … but those who are not self-righteous because they know they are spiritually poor WITHOUT God):

THEIR REWARD:  The kingdom of Heaven!!  Our eternal Home and Rest.

vs. 4 – THOSE WHO MOURN (those who are sorry for their sin, who are ashamed and guilty … who want to truly repent):

THEIR REWARD:  COMFORT … freedom from guilt and shame!

vs. 5 THE MEEK (God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble)

THEIR REWARD:  They shall inherit the earth (the proud can not!)

vs. 6 – THOSE WHO HUNGER & THIRST (after righteousness – not after food/material gain)


vs. 7 – The MERCIFUL  (who are merciful as God is merciful … who don’t return evil for evil but return good for evil – not at all what the world and the flesh want to do!)

THEIR REWARD:  they shall obtain MERCY!

vs. 8 – The PURE IN HEART (they are not double minded)

THEIR REWARD:  they shall SEE GOD!

vs. 9 The PEACEMAKERS (those who “sow” righteousness, who seek to reconcile men to God  and man to man)

THEIR REWARD:  They shall be known as “The Children of God”

vs. 10 – Those who are persecuted for RIGHTEOUSNESS, for Christ’s sake

THEIR REWARD:  The Kingdom of Heaven, they shall have a great reward, and they are in good company (with the prophets!)

Our teacher gave us many, many coinciding Bible verses that made it all come together … because again, the BIBLE is so amazing that it fits together so perfectly, so divinely.


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