30 Days of Thanks, 11/23/14, Part II

Continuing to dwell on the ironies of my life this weekend, I could tell about how we lost MiMi at the mall on Saturday.  Yeh, that wasn’t fun.

Annie-Belle had spent some of her birthday money on a new shirt at some little boutique store, and I was watching the transaction at the register.  Meanwhile, MiMi decided that was taking too long – and apparently decided she wanted to go on to the “smelly store” (Bath & Body Works) two doors down.  Of course, we didn’t know that .. and so Annie Belle and I spent the next 10 minutes in an absolute PANIC, looking for her.  Sadly, the girls at the register were basically oblivious.  I asked them for a phone # to mall security, and finally, when they found a number, turns out it was not a valid number.

The girl from the fitting room, where we had been earlier, WAS helpful, and she helped up look in all the clothes racks in case MiMi had hidden herself in one of them.  I need to write a note to her manager and commend her!!

So, if you’ve ever lost your child in a crowded place, I’m sure you know that you begin to think the worst.  I was already seeing Miriam’s face on milk cartons and the “lost and exploited children” board at Walmart.  I was going over how to tell my husband that I’d lost our child … and meanwhile, while I appeared calm at least outwardly, Annie-Belle was bawling.

She stepped out into the mall to look around, and apparently the nice lady at Bath & Body and the “balloon man” stationed outside of it had already called mall security about the little girl wandering around their vicinity.  One of the security officers saw Annie Belle crying and asked if he could help her, and she explained her little sister was lost.  Thankfully, he was able to say that they’d found her.

Happily, MiMi was found … she gained 2 balloon flowers from the nice balloon man – and a new friend in the Bath and Body Works clerk … but once we got over the shock and relief and excitement, I definitely made very, very sure that she would definitely think twice about ever leaving my side at a busy store again.



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3 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks, 11/23/14, Part II

  1. angiemart says:

    Reminds me of when my brother wandered off in the mall. He was about 5, as well, and his name is Tony. He loved Tony the Tiger and had many promo products of the famous cereal tiger and he often demanded that we call him “Tony the tiger!” When security got to him, they asked him his name and he would only say Tony the tiger so the security guard had describe what he what he was wearing over the intercom instead of his name. When my mom came to pick him up, the guard explained what happened and my mom refused to allow any of us to call him that again. All the cereal bowls, cups, spoons, etc got put away as “keepsakes” and Tony the Tiger was banned from our house. Guess Mom felt it was a harrowing event too.

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  2. babstig says:

    Lost Megan at the Frankfurt Christmas market last Morgan at the Berlin zoo and a Disneyland Paris 🙂

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  3. Tanya says:

    Oh, no! My chest aches just reading this!! That is THE worst feeling EVER!!!

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