30 Days of Thanks – 11/24/14

2e2f33e1a6368bb060fa4f706bb3440dToday I’m thankful for a pretty uneventful, non-irony-filled day!!

I went to work … settled in to my little office, which by the way, I LOVE (put up pics of the family today and my certificates and college degree, which I never thought would mean much of anything – ha, in frames I got at Dollartree) … and after peeking into facebook world, I started my morning tasks of making sure yesterday’s faxes went through (we do electronic faxes which go thru our computer not thru a fax machine).  Then I see if any electronic faxes came IN.  These are usually related to CMNs (certificates of medical necessity), which are required by insurance companies for certain medical equipment before they will pay for it.  The doctors have to fill out certain information … and I’m figuring out what docs are speedy and which ones just take their sweet time (or just are extremely busy??!).

Then onward to billing for the flu shot clinics our team has held over the last month.  There are literally hundreds of patients and shots to log.  And meanwhile, I did a little check in the ERLs (electronic rejection letters) so see which insurance billings were kicked back for mistakes/ineligibility.  Mostly they are things like the last name Gowen should have been McGowen – or a birthdate of 1966 should have been 1961.  These are usually easily fixable, but require a little research.  I think it is kind of like a puzzle though – and I feel pretty accomplished when I “fix” something!!

Lunch – I ran errands and came home for a quick sandwich.

Then more flu shot billing … yeah, pretty much 3 hours straight.  (With a few facebook breaks in between!!).

Tomorrow is my pharmacy day so I won’t be quite so self-sufficient.  No facebook checks or snack breaks!!

Daniel got asked to do overtime tonight until midnight, which is a blessing.  Even though I’m working now, the extra dollars sure help us stay on top of the bills.  We’ve come to realize it going to take us about 5 years to catch up from all the damages from the last 2 1/2 years of being so behind the financial power curve.  It is kind of like losing weight:  weight and debt accumulate so quickly  … but the removal process is slow — and usually pretty tasteless.

Anyhoo … today I’m just thankful to have had a fairly “normal” day.  No surprises, good or bad.  And now, it is time to maybe make a difference in this horrible pit of dust bunnies and dirty laundry and scummy bathrooms that I call “home”.  🙂




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