30 Days of Thanks – 11/25-29/2014

2e2f33e1a6368bb060fa4f706bb3440dGood intentions gone bad … story of my life!!

Blog series that poop out at the end … happens every time.

But “better late than never” is occasionally my motto … although, occasionally my motto is just “give up and take a nap”.  But in this case, I’m finishing “November’s 30 Days of Thanks” and vowing to NOT take on any more blog challenges … well, until the next good blog challenge comes along!

So, last week:  it is somewhat of a blur.  Daniel took the day off on Tuesday to go to MiMi’s Thanksgiving program at school.  It broke my heart to not get to go this year … but Tuesdays are my “pharmacy day” and requesting time off or taking an early lunch effects the entire crew so as the “newbie” I opted to NOT even ask.

So, MiMi was “the weather” in her program … You heard right.  We got a note sent home a few weeks back that stated:  Your child’s part in the upcoming Thanksgiving program is one of the following:  Indian, pilgrim, weather (and WEATHER was circled).  Please dress your child in an appropriate costume (or something like that … actually, it was stated very nicely – no pressure … but still, THE WEATHER??!!).  Thankfully, we ran into the teacher another day, and she explained that Miriam would be holding a huge snowflake at one point in the program and later a sunshine.

So, I found a shirt MiMi has that says “Hello Sunshine” on it – she also wore her rain boots (because that girl LOVES her rain boots) and a scarf.  That seems appropriately weatherly.  Pics are on my hubby’s phone … but she WAS “totes adorbs” – just believe me!!

Wednesday the kids were off school, home alone, as Daniel and I had to go to work.  They all had assignments to do though to get ready for our Thanksgiving trip!!  Soon after getting off work, we drove to my in-laws’ house.  We arrived about the same time as Daniel’s youngest sister and her family.  They came down from Montana … via Ankeny, Iowa, where they picked up their oldest son’s girlfriend that he acquired while he was attending Bible college there last year (the girlfriend obviously still is a student).  ANYHOO …

We had a nice visit with Daniel’s family.  Dinner was good.  The cousins had fun getting reacquainted.

This is what happens when Viking blood and German stock intermingle – you get a bunch of pretty tall kids (my husband’s family is mostly Scandinavian and my brother-in-law is German, as am I … though I am not so much TALL as I am “sturdy”).  The boys are all at least 6 feet or taller.  The girls are 5’9″ and down to 5’7″ … and the girlfriend was 5’2″.  🙂  Then of course, we have littlest cousin – and who knows how tall she’ll get.

get-attachment (11)


Anyway, Daniel and I had to work on Friday, so we left Thursday evening.  Sadly, I work up with a bad feeling that I was going to have a migraine on Friday … and sure enough, by noon I was in full migraine mode at work.  Thankfully, the pharmacy was staffed, and I could go home early and go straight to bed!  2 1/2 hours of sleep was just what I needed!!

Then on Saturday we decorated the house for Christmas!  I also made our own turkey dinner because I say the BEST part about Thanksgiving dinner is left-overs – and we didn’t get any on Thursday!!  (not with all those kids around!!)  We also raked leaves and did all those “catch up” cleaning things around the house.

And so, in conclusion, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving – I’m thankful for family, my own and extended.  I’m thankful for turkey – and left overs!!  🙂





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2 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – 11/25-29/2014

  1. Tanya says:

    We didn’t get leftovers either, so I may be making a turkey soon. I did get the carcass, so I will be making some turkey soup (probably tomorrow). I just love reading your blog whether it is on time or not, so keep them coming!!! :o)

  2. melanie says:

    Well, I say WELL DONE on keeping up your blog during November. 😎

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