30 Days of Thanks – 11/30/2014



My FAVORITE part of “30 Days of Thanks” is that it ends on MY BIRTHDAY, November 30!!  For some reason, I have just always loved my birth date.  I’m thankful I was born on the very last day of the month, not just somewhere in the middle!!  It’s just a good day to have a birthday.

I am in good company – others born on November 30 are:

Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874), author of the Anne of Green Gables series

Mark Twain (1835), humorist … and I do love a satirical sense of humor!!

Winston Churchhill (1874), known to be an introvert (!!) but a great leader – and also a man of dry wit.

My own birthday this year was fairly quiet.  My one request was a few hours to myself!  And I used them to clean the bathrooms, mop the kitchen, and vacuum.  Those are things I just don’t accomplish when I have 3 children and a husband wandering in and out and all over the house!!  So, I wasn’t really disappointed with that.  I also caught up on laundry.  For the day anyway …

My family did take care of me in more birthday-like ways as well.  My Annie-Belle baked a yummy and very pretty cake:


And **SOMEONE ELSE** baked me something, too … but I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes; so here’s what happened:

My mom said she was sending me a package for my birthday.   And it did arrive.  She then said she was sending something else too – but I forgot what she said it was, so when ANOTHER package arrived last week, I assumed it was from my mom.  I mean, really, who else sends ME things that I didn’t order or pay for myself?!!?!?  🙂

Anyway, on my birthday, I opened my mom’s gift:  a lovely bracelet … and a card.  And then I opened the second package, which had been at my house for several days, just sitting on the counter.  And it contained a baggie of crescent rolls …

At first I was baffled.  My mom had actually sent us Thanksgiving cookies last week too, so I thought maybe now she was sending the rolls too??!?!?!  But then I saw that the handwriting that said, “Happy Birthday, Conny” was NOT my mom’s … and I looked at the return address on the package and realized my sweet bloggy friend Melanie had sent me home-baked crescent rolls from her home bakery from which I covet all the products she and her family make and bake!!!!!!  And if I had thought about it:  she DID ask for my address not so long ago … and I joked about the fact that she might be sending me one of their many homeless kittens, thinking she was just going to send me a Christmas card.

(Irony of the Ordinary Hausfrau #1,345)

Anyway, the crescent rolls were salvaged by warming them in the oven for a few minutes.  They might have tasted even better had I eaten them the several days before when they actually arrived … but never the less, I enjoyed the treat.  🙂

So, I was not forgotten on my birthday … My hubby also got me the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook (Food from My Frontier), potentially because HE likes everything so far that I’ve cooked from her blog recipes!!  😉  Actually, I did request it.

And thus ends another November … and here in NW Arkansas, the temperatures today took a dive waaaay down into the 20s for this first day of December!!!!!  There was an ever-so-light dusting of snow on the roof tops this morning!!   Which is about to kill everyone because on Sunday, the high was in the 70s!!

Anyway … thank YOU for sticking with me, if you’re reading this!!  I am thankful for my friends who keep up with my blog – even when I’m obviously just rambling or facing writer’s block!!  I am thankful to have a place to remember my days … and to share them with anyone who is willing to listen.  🙂


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4 Responses to 30 Days of Thanks – 11/30/2014

  1. Tanya says:

    Okay, tell me about “Pioneer Woman.” I think that I would get into that, for sure. Seems like you have told me a little, but I have slept since then. 🙂 I am glad you were able to enjoy quiet time (that sounds amazing to me right about now — giggling and goofing off going on near me LOL) and some fun for your birthday.

  2. melanie says:

    You are hilarious 😀 But providentially it seems you enjoyed the gift on your very birthday! ha ha {reeeally thankful that they were still fresh enough to reheat and enjoy 10 days after leaving my house!}

  3. angiemart says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  4. Rebekah says:

    Happy Birthday! I was beginning to wonder where you disappeared to…been missing your daily “thanks”. Love PW! I requested a couple of her cookbooks for Christmas. We’ll see if he was listening. 😉 Have a blessed day!

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