The Ironies of Birthday Plans


Today is Mimi’s 5th birthday … hard to believe how time flies … but looking back it definitely has been a long 5 years in its own way.  Our little MiMi has been obliviously with us through some pretty tough times for our family – and provided some cheer and child-like joy on days when NOTHING seemed right or good.

Anyway … I’m thankful for our little tag-a-long bonus blessing!

Thankfully, her expectations of her birthday aren’t as high or as hopeful as my own!  Because as you know, if you’ve kept up with my blog lately, the ironies of life are hitting hard!  And today all I can do is laugh.  (or cry – but I prefer to laugh!)

So, Annie-Belle was determined to bake her sister a cake – an Anna-from-Frozen cake (pictured above – image from Pinterest).  And since last Friday, she’s been planning – and I’ve been fetching things from the store for her – and she’s been googling how-to websites and asking me to re-read the directions … especially knowing that this afternoon she’d be having a toe procedure (in-grown toe nail) and would be off her feet for a while.

I knew this wasn’t going to be a good idea – but I let my ever-optimistic 14 year old try and bake and bake again since the first baking didn’t work out … and as of 11 p.m. last night, I knew it was a bust.  We had a crumbly cake (made in the Pampered Chef large mixing bowl) with a big doll-size hole in the middle and some brownies (because we had used up all the cake mixes I had bought) and a Tupperware container of pieces of cake from the failed cakes.  And that is about it.

And so, today, we have NO birthday cake.

Otherwise, my husband took the afternoon off to take Annie-Belle to the podiatrist – and at 3:30 he called me at work to report that the procedure went well … AND that he was going to make dinner (he had plans!  Chinese food – at home).

And I came home to find him on the lap top, and on the kitchen counter, lined up were:

frozen ground beef,

frozen egg rolls,

frozen lo mein noodles,

a box of instant rice


a box of frozen General Zao’s chicken.

That *I* was supposed to cook.  Or “help” him cook since he didn’t really know how to proceed.

I think at this point I started laughing … and currently I am locked in my room, typing this, laughing some more  – while my husband goes to Taco Bell to get dinner.

Oh – and Happy Birthday to MiMi!

Thankfully, she has NO IDEA what is going on!!!!!  🙂


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  1. babstig says:

    Bahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahah Bwahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha That looks like fondant on that cake. Don’t you have a local micheals? Get her in cake making classes this upcoming summer! Making memories! That’s the most important thing!

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