Recap 2014 – The Year of Healing


About a year ago, our family was on a little vacation in Hot Springs, Arkansas … and while touring some of the old spa buildings there, I took a picture of this verse (above) and wondered if it might be our family’s verse of the year.

“For I will restore health unto thee and I will heal thee of thy wounds.”

While our wounds weren’t physical, there was some hurts that were still bothering us, and the consequences of uprooting our lives and moving 225 miles away from the familiarity of 12 years in one place were pretty painful.  Financially, we were pretty sunk too … unemployment, moving, car problems, and then more outgo than income for far too long were all pretty worrisome.

And yet, GOD heals our hearts, He provides our needs, and He restores mental and spiritual – and in some ways financial – health.  That has been the ongoing theme of 2014.   Finally:  a year where we moved slowly forward instead of continually backwards.

God restored our housing situation as we moved into our cute little house this July; financially, He provided through overtime hours for Dan and then a great job for me right at the time when we had practically no more resources.  Spiritually, we are still working on things (no doubt we always will be until we get to heaven).  While I think my faith is pretty strong – especially after witnessing God’s special attention to even the smallest details of our lives – I haven’t felt like I’ve “grown” a whole lot in knowledge of His Word.  Sometimes we contemplate finding a new church … but then we are reminded that God led us to the church where we are for perhaps just a season.   At least for now, I don’t know that we exactly need a new church rather than a  new heart attitude towards the one we already attend.  It’s a tough one … so you can pray with us about that.

Otherwise, we’ve had a nice holiday season.  We have now hit the FINAL occasion of our year:  Daniel’s birthday was today (January 1).

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We like to cram in all our partying into a few short months – and now we’ve celebrated Drew’s birthday in September followed by a respite in October … then in November Annie Belle and I both have birthdays, along with Thanksgiving.  MiMi has a birthday in December followed by Christmas and 2 days later our anniversary.  Then we culminate our celebrating with Daniel’s birthday.  And then … we have NOTHING to do for 9 months.  :0)

In any case, I’m thankful for this year – another one I’m glad to say is OVER.  And yet, another year I can see the Hand of God leading us in every way – from the people we’ve encountered to the provision we’ve received to the blessings I try not to take for granted:  health, family, friends, and so much more!

If I had a theme for 2015, I’d like to think it is GRATITUDE.  While life isn’t always easy … not like I’d prefer it to be … it is good and it is in God’s Hands.  Amazingly, the older I get the less I seem to worry about things because God has proved Himself through the difficulties of the last few years so many times!  I know I can trust Him fully for whatever is ahead.




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3 Responses to Recap 2014 – The Year of Healing

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  2. Rebecca D says:

    What a year you had… I know I am looking forward at this point as this has been a long year for us too!

  3. angiemart says:

    Hmmm, seems like a common theme between us. Sometimes I wonder if we sat down together, if we’d find ourselves fast friends or too much alike. Ha! ☺️

    Anyway, I think our 2014 was your 2013 so I have hope our 2015 will have some healing, as well. Many times I wondered why I just couldn’t write about the pain, but I did remember some of the Scripture/advice I had shared with you along the way and it was used for good in my life (convicting!)

    I appreciate your transparecy. The Lord doesn’t expect perfection, just a growing reliance on Him. He brings just the right circumstances to continue His work in us. I remember saying to my son this year, “I could survive anything except losing the Lord.” While that is ultimately true, some of the loss is quite painful.

    I pray for the day I can wake without hurt overwhelming me within moments. (Kids can do that to you!) the Lord is faithful and I choose to put my trust in Him! Now that should be my theme for 2015!

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