Soup Sandwich Kind of Day

Today I was “soup” … as in “soup sandwich” …

Anyone who has been in the Army should know what I’m talking about (“You’re as useless as a soup sandwich, Private!  Drop down and give me 20!!”)

I woke up with a migraine and called in to work sick.  I hope they believe me.  This is the second time I’ve had a migraine on a Friday (the last time being the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I had to go home early!).  But I truly spent all of the morning in bed, having bizarre dreams and waking up all sweaty, only wish for blissful, take-me-away sleep again.   But oh how thankful I am for my big kids who completely took care of MiMi and got her ready for school this morning and then that my son is able to DRIVE!  I kind of stumbled out to check on them before they left, and they had remembered EVERYTHING from money for Annie-Belle’s ballgame tonight to making sure MiMi had gone potty before leaving.

My babysitter brought MiMi home at 12:30 ish.  I had made a feeble attempt to get up, get dressed, and even made it to Walmart to buy a Coke, which I was craving and seemed like the only thing that sounded good to my icky tummy.  I didn’t make it to work, but went back to bed instead.

MiMi was content to just play in my room all around me, watching a cartoon and setting up her myriad of worlds of play from Polly Pockets to a pretend grocery store.  My babysitter had offered to take her with her until 3:00 when Drew would be home, but I just wanted her to stay home with ME.  Despite not feeling well, I miss just being around my kids, doing normal kid-mom things.

And I then realized it has begun:  I miss being HOME …

I am praying about it … I know I can’t *not* work.  We re-evaluated our budget last night and the only way we’ll ever get out of our financial hole is my extra income; my husband is already working every minute of overtime he can get.  HOWEVER, I wonder if I can work 30-35 hours per week instead of 40.  I will have been at my job for 3 months soon, and I wonder if it is too soon to start asking?!  For the most part, other than on my pharmacy day, I have no other responsibilities other than getting my very own work done.  I don’t answer any phones, I don’t have appointments to keep.  I come and go for lunch as I please.  Sometimes I come in 10 minutes later or leave 10-15 minutes earlier anyway.  My boss did say my job would be “flexible” … Pray with me to have the courage and the right timing to discuss this with him.

So, after I felt a little better tonight, I actually made SOUP!  As in home-made, nutritious vegetable soup!  Unfortunately, even that didn’t tame my poor tummy so I ate it cautiously, but I think just making it and smelling it made me feel a whole lot better.  I haven’t cooked anything GOOD all week … and I miss it.  I think my family misses it.


(image and recipe from Alton Brown/Food Network.  P.S.  I used onions instead of leeks, which I don’t tend to keep around the house!)

And while I was at it I made a blueberry “upside down” cake … just because blueberries had been on sale at Aldi this past week!

My hubby is working until midnight tonight … MiMi and I brought him dinner on his break at 7:30 p.m.  I am sad he isn’t home to enjoy this quiet evening … but when you’re feeling like a “soup sandwich”, sometimes a few moments of quiet do as good as a medicine!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll feeling more like myself again.  It should be a good day because I WILL BE HOME!

Signed:  Your homebody Blogger


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6 Responses to Soup Sandwich Kind of Day

  1. babstig says:

    Blueberry upside on cake?? Recipe please

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  2. babstig says:

    Ask if you can work from home some days?!? You can track our hours there!

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  3. Rebecca D says:

    I suffer from chronic migraines so I totally sympathize… I can go weeks or even a month or two without one but when I get one I usually get them everyday for 5-7 days in a row! This is the #1 reason I work for myself because this would be hard to manage with a boss!
    Sorry you had a soup sandwich day but you did make a wonderful looking pot of soup!

  4. Tanya says:

    I will be praying! The soup sounds yummy, btw.

  5. melanie says:

    Oh dear. 😦 I had my recent whopper migraine on Dec 31 – yes, the day of MomF’s funeral. {hormones + travel + crying} But as a rule, I don’t get my monthly migraine if I am behaving myself better with diet — less bread/grain and sugar. Not fun, but neither are migraines, eh?

    You know I will pray for you to be able to reduce your hours a bit — and that things will improve overall with the holiday craziness now done. Praying you can have some time at home without being sick in bed! {{hugs}}

    Those high 5’s from your boss make me think they will believe you when you call in sick – Your heart to do your job and do it well has to be obvious!

    I wanted to post on fb that I’d BE there for your soup supper last night, but since my ‘beam-me-up’ apparatus is still fictional instead of functional… 😉 That picture still makes me hungry for soup! I am cooking up a chicken and veggies to make bone broth today in honor of good health. ^.^ {we’ll see how long my self-discipline lasts – ha – or if I ever get it going as there are still too many sugary ‘goodies’ in this house}

  6. angiemart says:

    I used to struggle with migraines terribly. In my case, there would be no way I could drive because I couldn’t bear to open my eyes in the sunlight. Anyway, 3 things helped me: ice pack on the back of the neck, and taking 3 ibuprofen with the recommended dosage of excedrin migraine (1 or 2). Sometimes I’d start with excedrin, cause the caffeine in it would do the trick and get me functionable. Sometimes it didn’t help until I popped them both. I have been over the toilet with headaches and called the ER. If you get to throwing up, take just 3 ibuprofen (sometimes the caffeine in excedrin makes the nausea worse). If it doesn’t stop the vomiting, go to the ER right away. For me, once I stopped taking hormone replacements, I have very few migraines. Hope that helps in some way! Everybody’s different, but this is what my Dr. suggested and it helped most of the time.

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