A Visit with Friends:

It’s Monday night … it is kind of a quiet Monday night so I thought I’d catch up on my blog a little.  The Ohio State/Oregon game is on … I guess that’s a big deal to SOME people.  We did a football pool for the bowl games at work – and I picked Ohio State today, even though I really don’t LIKE Ohio State one bit.  I just want to WIN that football pool – ha!!

I also wanted to ask for prayer for several people and offer praise for others:

Friends who are moving to GERMANY (who I envy more than words can say!!!) arrived safely TODAY!!  I love how God answered their prayers – long before they even knew WHERE they’d end up … and how He answered them when they offered complete surrender.  It gives me one more family to bunk with if I can ever save up enough $$ to go to Germany.

Which reminds me of another irony of my life (#hausfrau ironies).  Talking to my mom the other day, she said casually that my brother is looking for people to go to England with his school’s Senior class (he’s a principal) on its annual trip there.  He’s been twice and just doesn’t feel like going (he’s CrAzY – not FEEL LIKE GOING – I don’t care if I’ve been 100 times, I’d go 101 times!!).  So, she asks if me and my family can go.  So, I say “Yeh, sure!  We’ll go.  How much?” And she says, “Oh, I think all inclusive $4,000 per person.”  ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!  HELLO??!  Do you know what we’re going through?!  Do you know why you’re paying for our daughter’s theater lessons because we can’t afford them otherwise??!!!?!?  Oh well … I’m sure she didn’t mean it that way – maybe SHE was being ironic?!?!  *shrug*

ok, back to prayer requests:

Our son’s Bible and daughter’s Science teacher is in SERIOUS, SERIOUS condition today.  He had a complicated stroke on Saturday that sent him into multiple heart attacks.  On Saturday night, the surgeons were able to do a life-saving surgery – but he remains in ICU and barely responsive at this time.  He isn’t an old man – maybe early 60s (sounding less old to me as time goes by).  He’s truly a kind person, retired, but now volunteers his time at our kids’ Christian school.  MiMi calls him the “Howdy Howdy” man because he greets the children each school day (he’s kind of our quasi security officer) with those words.  Please say a prayer for him and his family.  The doctors think they will be better able to make a prognosis if he lives through the next – at this point – 4 days.

My friend Jen who has fought leukemia and cancer over and over is yet again fighting for her life.  She’s undergoing another round of chemo as leukemia cells reared their ugly heads yet again after Christmas.  She will get a marrow transplant in a few weeks.  I can’t imagine … her fight has gone on so long, and she is so very, very sick.

There’s so many other things on my mind – people who are going through far worse situations than I can fathom or understand.  People who are strong, trying to remain optimistic and continue to trust that God knows best …

It makes my petty problems seem oh-so-small.

In miscellaneous news, I got the latest Jan Karon book at the library this weekend!  She is probably one of my very favorite writers … I just love saying the title of the book:  Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.  That’s all anyone really needs to be!  I love how she writes and the poignant prayers and quotes she shares in her books – and I just feel like I know the characters of Mitford (this book is #10 in the Mitford series).

And to end this blog post in a very Karon-type fashion I will tell you 3 things I don’t love:

1.  When the weathermen predict snow … and you get nothing.

2.  When the mail carrier doesn’t come until 6 p.m. – and then only brings more bills.


3.   When you can’t wait to eat that left over vegetable soup for lunch … and you come home to find that your husband took it to work!!

And by the way, my new mantra (thanks to a bloggy friend) to go along with my ACCEPTANCE theme for 2015 is “It is what it is.”  And that’s a fact.


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4 Responses to A Visit with Friends:

  1. Rebecca D says:

    It sounds like you have a lot on my mind these days! I have been praying for your children’s teacher.
    If it makes you feel any better about the soup, I got up early and cooked the last three chicken breasts for white chili last night for dinner. I chopped it up and put it in a dish in the fridge for later. Flash forward to 4 PM when I was starting the chili and that dish is empty in the sink… While I was out running errands my husband thought that dish contained chicken salad and made two (very dry) sandwiches for himself and one for my mother! Dinner for six disappeared into three sandwiches… Freezer pizza to the rescue!

  2. babstig says:

    Ask if your brother is doing fundraisers for the England trip!! Praying for your teacher and friend with cancer. So much sadness in the world too. Love you and when you bring Anna to .germany we are a must see!

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  3. angiemart says:

    I’m about halfway through the book! Love visiting the old characters I love. Dooley’s so grown up. Maybe we should do posts about take on the book when we’re done. Enjoy!

  4. melanie says:

    Ha – had to google just now b/c I didn’t watch either – but the Buckeyes won! So did you win a nice little pile of fun money?
    More sobering thoughts of Jen and Mr. Howdy with prayers for grace and strength for each of their families.

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