What is Certain?

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Just because I haven’t been writing doesn’t mean I haven’t been THINKING!!  🙂

In the stillness and occasional boredom of my little office, I have a lot of conversations with myself!  In many ways, a quiet office is a blessing to an introvert … in other ways, I probably need to get out more!

Today I was reminded of the saying that 2 things are certain:   death and taxes.  I’m thankful I’m not dead yet … nor has death touched our family in quite a few years – other than acquaintances and family members of friends.  BUT taxes have to get done.

And tonight, I tackled them!

One thing that even our taxes reflect is God’s gracious provision for us.  I do our taxes on the same website each year – for probably the last 5 years at least, if not more.  The history of our taxes tell our tale:  our income for 2012 was painfully, incredibly low (- which meant a decent refund in any case)!!  But the full story is the provision that isn’t written down on that tax website but instead in my little prayer journal of the way God blessed during the almost 6 months of unemployment:  a trickling in of $10 or $20 here and there – and sometimes a surprise of far more than that!  Of this I am certain:  We have some amazing friends and family who took care of us when we were at our lowest… and we have an amazing God, too!

2013 showed a significant increase in income … because even though Daniel didn’t land a job worthy of his experience, anything more than we had in 2012 seemed like a million dollars!!  I can’t compare it to our far past of more prosperous days, but God provided in His own way and time.  Of this I am certain:  God doesn’t always give us material abundance … but He always gives us enough.

This year, with adding my job in October (and Dan’s promotion in March), our income has had a slight boost.  And just in the nick of time:  by November, we wouldn’t have been able to go on living like we were with me just staying home.  Of this I am certain:  God’s ways aren’t always our ways and His time isn’t always ours … but His ways are good and His timing is perfect.

That said, next year proves to offer even more hope for an adequate income to cover all our needs and perhaps work our way out of some of our debt.  We won’t be living “high on the hog” by any means … not for a while, not ever, maybe.  BUT of this I am certain:  It’s all under God’s complete control!





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  1. Tanya says:

    I could have written this same testimony about 2010 and 2011!!! I hope we never forget it. Thanks for sharing. :o)

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