Would you be too shocked if I said Valentine’s Day isn’t my FAVORITE day on the calendar?!  I mean, I get my kids and hubby the obligatory card and maybe some candy … and they might – or might NOT – get me something … but otherwise, forced, over-priced displays of love aren’t really our thing.  Maybe I’m just guarding my heart because my husband has never been one to send flowers or do sentimental things on an obligatory basis.  Or maybe I’m just not a romantic?!  I dunno.  I’m just kindda glad it’s over again this year … the next holiday I dread will be here before I know it:  Mother’s Day.  Bah humbug.

I am thankful for the LOVE that is displayed each day in my family in a far more practical way.  For example, I’m alone tonight because my husband is working a 12-hour overnight shift at the hospital.  It’s the only way we can get the extra dollars to pay for the new brakes and calipers we got for his car this past week … and now we’ve exchanged his car for my van, which is spending a few days in the shop as well (no idea WHAT the problem is other than it is rumbling terrible somewhere underneath – somewhere towards the middle/back of the vehicle??!  And the faster I drive, the louder the rumbling … I’m guessing it isn’t a good thing!)

Oh, and lest you think I’m looking for sympathy, my husband did take me out to dinner Friday night at Chili’s, beating the crowds of today, which was perhaps a far less crowded, unhurried way to spend a date night anyway!  And we spent a few moments at Big Lots and Goodwill afterwards.

Then today I got new bedding at Dollar General (50% off all housewares coupon!!) … and it is pretty nice (not quite Egyptian cotton, highest thread count) considering the source.  So for under $40 I got a new comforter/2 shams set, a queen sheet set, and 2 extra pillow cases – cause we LOVE pillows!   Oh, and we got the kids new pillows as well since theirs are flat as pancakes.  (Just realizing NOW I need new bedside lamp shades as the burgundy isn’t working any more!!!)


Annie-Belle is our hopeless romantic and hasn’t been jaded by the harsh realities or commercialism of life – and she thoroughly *loves* Valentine’s Day (and all holidays and special occasions).  Thankfully, her basketball coaches (a married couple) put on a big-deal luncheon for the team today – the girls were all dressed up, each given a rose, ate a fancy meal, and heard a devotional about Christian love vs. worldly love.


Mimsy too loves holidays and special days … and though she didn’t go anywhere special today, she wanted to dress up in Valentine’s attire.  She definitely is our “Funny Valentine”:






Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t so bad after all??!!  😉


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