Another Day, Another Dollar (Spent)

Well, it’s been “one of those weeks”!

For one thing, we were minus one vehicle all week (turned in my van to a mechanic last Saturday with promises to have it ready for pick up on Monday …. but as you may know in my life things usually don’t work out like they are supposed to!).  Thankfully, our son can drive so he participated in the drop-dad-off-pick-dad-up rotation as well this week.  I was having flashbacks to when we first moved to Arkansas and I was basically a taxi driver all day for a while, dropping off and picking up people all over town – to include our neighbors!!

Last week Dan’s car got brakes … this week my van got a new rear wheel something-or-other-to-do-with-wheel-bearings and 2 tires (long story but neglected wheel bearings warp tires … and the other tire was unable to be patched from a construction-staple puncture).

There were trips to the dentist … and the realization that our dental insurance really isn’t THAT great.

Then there was the snow … that shut down school for 2 days, but Daniel and I had to keep working.  These are the times when I am thankful we live “in town” where the roads are cleared for us.  Granted I’d trade it all to be snowed in somewhere in the country with a cozy fire and a good book, some hot chocolate and my family.

Thankfully we got our tax refund already … and we were able to pay for everything without getting into more debt!!!  THANK YOU, Lord!  As well as throw a chunk of money on a credit card balance.  And Dan is working overtime tonight, tomorrow, and on Sunday evening.

None of that is very fun … and I’m not one to suffer 100%.  And so, we decided to get  *one* family splurge to cheer me/us up:

get-attachment (2)


Hello, 42 inch flat screen TV!  We really didn’t think we “needed” a new TV because “Old Bertha” was still working fine, even though the built-in DVD player had died a long time ago … but then we saw how much the price had gone on TVs at Sam’s Club the other night, and we decided to go for it.   NOW we’re ready for the upcoming baseball season … it was getting so that neither Daniel nor I could see the scores on the old TV screen any more!

We’ve had Old Bertha since 2005 – one of the last “big” things we bought before Daniel left active duty, and she bares the scars of being moved across the miles not-so-gently:

get-attachment (1)


She’ll be recycled at the Goodwill this weekend.  Who knows, she may still have a few good TV shows in her for someone else??!

PS  Say a prayer for my son – he has a JOB INTERVIEW tomorrow (Saturday) morning …. at one of my favorite places (can you guess where??!!).




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3 Responses to Another Day, Another Dollar (Spent)

  1. Rebecca D says:

    We just took the “plunge” a year or so ago ourselves. Which is funny since my mother’s TV died several years ago and she had a flat screen, and our daughter had one in her room… It became a bit of a joke that we didn’t have one. Ah well… I kinda feel like the new TV is a bit too big.

  2. Amy says:

    Meant to post earlier…said a prayer for the job interview that he not only gets the job, but that they offer his family huge discounts!! 🙂

  3. melanie says:

    Chick Fil A?? 🙂 That would be great!

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