Day One.

Most people decide to start on a diet on a Monday … or maybe the first day of the month …

But I’ve decided that TODAY, Wednesday, February 25, 2015 is my first day of a new “healthy” life-style.  After starts-and-stops over and over, trying Weight Watchers (while my husband was deployed to Iraq = BAD IDEA!!), Jenny Craig, and possibly Nutri-system once a long time ago – then Atkins and who knows what other scheme – I’m ready to just get healthy.

I’m older now … As my husband says, we aren’t trying to be attractive any more (as in model-skinny and air-brushed perfect), but we don’t want to be repulsive either!  I am thankful my husband loves me right now, at the weight I am.  But I know we could both benefit from losing a few pounds!  And NOT have to buy new wardrobes because we are expanding!!!  😉

BUT most of all, and I *mean it* with all my being:  I want to be healthy.  I want to end my struggle with high triglycerides and the whole horrific cycle of metabolic syndrome.  I want to ease into menopause when my time comes (if that’s even possible?!!) and most of all, I want to have ENERGY again.

Trim Healthy Mama offers that … and more … with a Christian viewpoint … and promises that it is easy for busy moms (and women of all seasons of life).


It is a BIG book (600+ pages, I skimmed some of them!) and it isn’t cheap (I got mine for $28 on amazon – best deal I could find – hardly any USED copies out there).  BUT if I can change my bad eating habits and get control of my diet, it will be worth every penny.  IF I fail, well, that will be my huge loss in other ways.  😦

So, I’m going from this:

get-attachment (3)

(bye bye, sweet, sweet sugar!!)


stuff like this:

get-attachment (4)


Water, stevia-sweetened “sweets” (no aspertame – it is NOT “on plan”), and a lot of YUMMY FOOD that will make me (supposedly) not miss the life I lived before when a great breakfast meant a pop-tart and coffee and my favorite lunch was a 3 Muskateers bar and a Diet Coke.

Oh, and bye to bread and pasta and white rice for now … although there are a few sneaky ways to PRETEND you are eating breads and rice and pasta!!  😉 Hopefully they will prove satisfying.

I have yet to take a “before” picture … but perhaps I won’t share that until I hit “after” anyway because I know I don’t look so great right now.

Besides, if I fail, there will be no evidence on the internet of my “before”!  😉  (not that I plan to fail … I just know me – I get excited about something and then soon get tired of it!)

SO, what can I eat?? – Here’s my menu today (and it should get MUCH better over time as I figure out how to cook “on plan”, plus my husband is working late tonight so I don’t have to cook dinner!)

Breakfast – an egg fried in REAL BUTTER, a piece of bacon, and a slice of American cheese (not the best option, “processed” foods are to be avoided even though they fulfill plan requirements) – and here’s where I’m a rebel:  I put them on an English muffin (not really an “on plan” food even though it is low in fat, carbs, and sugar content).

Lunch – a half-salad from Wendy’s with chicken and bacon on it (the SW salad?) with no dressing because they were so busy, and I hated to even ask for Ranch (an on-plan item).  They had swirled just a bit of BBQ sauce (not on-plan) on top so I made that last through the whole salad.

Snack – an apple and some almonds

Dinner – Progresso LIGHT rot roast/veggie soup (1 serving) with extra green beans tossed in, with a rye crisp (on-plan food and I love these!!) with a piece of spreadable Aldi-brand “Laughing Cow” cheese … and a cup of Oikos TRIPLE ZERO mixed berry Greek yogurt (from Sam’s Club) which was the BEST thing I ate all day!

Tonight I may have a little snack before bed … but I am SO not hungry right now!

I’ve also started drinking flavored-water (stevia-sweetened) … but what I should be drinking are the on-plan teas and cleansing drinks.  I may get to that yet.  One day, one step at a time.

I’m no TRIM HEALTHY MAMA model today, that’s for sure.  BUT I cut out a whole lotta sugar today … and I am FULL.

This diet is supposed to be EASY – but of course, I over-complicate things.  Always.  There’re meals that are “S” for satisfying and meals that are “E” for energizing … and I have NO IDEA what my meals were today!!!!  I just bought some of the stuff they recommend to eat at Aldi and Walmart last night – and took off today.  The way you combine foods is apparently the key to losing weight, otherwise, you just get healthy but might stay the same weight (or not lose as much).

My goal – I even hate to state it – is to lose 15-20 lbs (that doesn’t sound like much – but it is the SAME 15-20+ lbs I’ve wanted to lose for over 10 years now!!!)!

OH – and my BIGGEST motivator right now is my annual check-up coming up in April.  I will have my triglycerides checked, and I want them to be NORMAL!!!!  No threats of “statin drugs or I may die of a stroke” discussions with my doctor this time, God willing.

This all sounds very reasonable today … I can do this!!  In two weeks, here’s hoping I am still feeling this way!  And in 2 months that I’ve adapted a new way of looking at food – as my friend, not something that will continue to drag me down or disturb my health.

PS  I’m also taking a few supplments as of today:  magnesium, calcium + D3, and potassium … plus Biotin just because it is good for your hair & nails.  🙂

Anyone else know anything about THM??  Or had any experience with it?


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3 Responses to Day One.

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  2. Tanya says:

    We fasted from almost all sugar (sweetened our hot tea with honey and some maple syrup on whole wheat pancakes) all of Jan. We were shocked when we tried a type of cookies that we had in Dec. and loved. We couldn’t eat the same kind in Feb. — too sickening sweet. I have heard of THM from many but have not tried. Of course, you know me with the wheat mill. I am not a anti-bread person. I have just renewed my strategy of eating foods with out chemicals and processed junk. We are making as much of our foods as we can and are trying to get back to no white-processed flour (our downfall is eating out or pizza, etc.) and no refined sugar (only raw sugar and honey…..we have added Stevia to the list now, too). Of course, my dad and Tim lost weight easily….me and Mom not so much. I am also trying to add increased physical activity. I read an interesting thing about increasing activity before decreasing calories.
    Sooooooo……………I am there with you (though I haven’t had a check-up in ages to let me know if I have official problems). I just want to be healthy!!!
    Hold me accountable, and I will do the same for you!

  3. melanie says:

    A good friend followed THM for a quite a while &loved (loves) it. {then went to naturopath and got put on elimination diet to find triggers etc. etc} She loves their ice cream replacement, GGMS and other drinks.

    I went so far as to buy some truvia/somethinglikethat maybe a year ago… then gave both jars away. Just can’t quite go for non-sugar sugar. But that’s me. 😀
    I do still have this note in my cupboard:
    S = more than 5g fat + less than 10g carbs
    E = less than 5g fat + 10-45g carbs
    FP = less than 5g fat + less than 10g carbs

    I will also tell you I read an interesting THM review on amazon some time ago. Reviewer thought the THM ‘science’ was off. However she/he still recommended the book for the recipes and just encouraged readers to eat more ‘cross-over’ meals (vs strict S, E, etc). I actually printed the review and put it in my THM file.

    I think your breakfast with the English muffin sounds delish! 😉 [just get yourself some REAL cheese — hee hee]

    Oh, you might look up blog ‘Gwen’s Nest’ for a quick-start guide to THM.

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