Sabotage! Day 2



A few weeks ago, in early February, I was checking out the Chick-Fil-A (where Drew got his job) on Facebook … and they had this post about “sign up your company to win free breakfast”.  And so, I signed up our pharmacy (this particular CFA knows us – they have helped with Blood Drives we’ve hosted, held meetings in our classroom, etc).

And today, with my boss in my office, I was working on learning about some new stuff I will soon be taking on (project manager of our synchronized pharmacy plan, if you must know … exciting stuff! ha!), and I got a call from the pharmacy side to come up front.  Usually that means they have had a rush and need back-up.  As I arrived, 2 women were in the waiting area, and everyone was staring AT ME.  It was a crew from Chick-Fil-A with FREE BREAKFAST for us!!!  Needless to say, I was the hero of the morning!  🙂

That’s all great … except Chicken Minis are NOT “on plan” for a real Trim Healthy Mama diet!  😦

But being the non-stressed-out-about-this kind of person that I am, I had 3 chicken minis with NO GUILT!  😉

The rest of the day was a challenge too as we had a baby shower for one of our employees during lunch, but since the theme was “football game snacks” there was plenty of meat/protein options to eat:  meatballs in tomato sauce, summer sausage and cheese (courtesy of ME!), a veggie tray, and some fresh fruit.  I might have had a FEW nacho chips.

But you know what?!  It’s ok.  I’ve been drinking ONLY water or stevia-flavored beverages, and I’ve definitely cut down on sugar.  I managed to pass on the cupcakes that were served.  THAT was hard!!!!!!  I long for the day when I don’t even crave that kind of stuff any more.  I can’t imagine ……….

For dinner, we had lasagna – major CARB load – but it was a low sugar meal.  No garlic bread for me and I was sadly too lazy to cut up a sald.  And for dessert I had an Oikos 0-0-0 Greek yogurt – no sugar, just stevia.


While this probably isn’t the route to LOSE a ton of weight any time soon, I am feeling somewhat like I’m achieving my mini-goal of cutting down on sugar and moving towards a healthier life-style.


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2 Responses to Sabotage! Day 2

  1. Tanya says:

    I agree with Melanie……….good to resist when a choice did not offend or hurt feelings or disappoint. I think that if the “diet” controls you then that can be a bad thing as well. Sometimes I think people get too stressed about diet and allow it to control them and lose sight of things of eternal value. Does that make sense?! Also, sometimes it can be a stumbling block (for lack of a better description) to refuse to eat something or eat it (either way). What an amazing blessing that THE Chick-fil-A did that and Drew will be working there!!! That is just too neat.

  2. melanie says:

    Keeping things in perspective – well done. You should still enjoy life! You also did REALLY well to stay away from the cupcakes and bread! 🙂
    My two cents. fwiw – ha!

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