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While all of America (except MAYBE Florida?!!) seems to be plagued with massive amounts of snow this winter, our area hasn’t been as hard hit.  The kids have had 2 snow days, but now that I no longer work for a school, work must go on…

It snowed overnight from Friday to Saturday, but since my stomach flu had eased, I had no reason to NOT go to work on Saturday morning.  It’s my “one Saturday a month” to work, and the pharmacy is only open from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  It continued to snow as we watched while we actually filled 45 prescriptions (not all of those were “walk-ins”, some were e-scripted in for future pick-up).

Our boss came in and offered to bring breakfast, which sadly I had to decline since a spicy breakfast burrito probably wouldn’t be the best thing to give to an angry stomach!   He did however bring me a side of toast.  🙂  It was much appreciated to eat with my lovely banana I’d brought from home.

I wanted to hit the grocery store on the way home … and about died trying to get into the parking lot!  Thankfully the Lord spared me from hitting anything else as my van refused to turn the direction in which I’d turned the steering wheel.

After that little adventure (during which I forgot to pick up MILK!!!!!!!!), I determined that I’d be staying HOME until the roads were completely and totally clean and dry.

And as the roads iced overnight, I found myself here on Sunday morning:

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We watched a WONDERFUL church service on t.v. from some Baptist church in Fort Smith, AR that I’d totally go to if only it weren’t 45 miles away!  I heard a message relevant to me in particular … and now, THIS is where I plan to stay for most of the day.

Well, except when I’m catching up on laundry, finally doing something about the massive amounts of neglected gray hairs on my head, and mopping my bathroom which was brought to my attention as I spent all that time in there coloring my hair!  My AWESOME babysitter had actually swept and wiped down the kids’ bathroom on Thursday (her day to keep the kids at my house) because she said she was looking for something to do.  I LOVE HER!!  She’s one person who sees a need and just TAKES CARE OF IT (she also kept MiMi after preschool on Friday while I was sick so I could sleep/rest until the big kids got home!).  I only noticed the clean bathroom because I realized it was *sparkling* clean … and I *knew* I hadn’t ASKED my kids to clean it hence they probably were NOT the ones who had cleaned it (plus even when they do “clean” the bathroom, they just don’t do as good a job as a “mom” does!)!!  😉

As for the diet, since coming off the stomach bug (which I’m wondering now if it wasn’t a bug but some wild reaction to the drastic changes in my diet??!!), I have been just doing a sort-of B.R.A.T diet for now.  I may try something a little more adventurous tonight.  I may not.  I’m still not really hungry.  :-/  At least none of the “on plan” foods sound good right now.  😦   A 3 Muskateers bar with a diet coke sounds REALLY good … but of course, none of that is in the house to tempt me.  There might be a chocolate chip cookie somewhere however!!

Hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are!  Happy Sunday.


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2 Responses to SNOW DAY!

  1. Tanya says:

    Resist the urge for the candy bar!! The cravings do pass after awhile… just takes a little bit. :o) Do you hear the voice of experience here, hmm???!!! LOL

  2. babstig says:

    I drove 54 miles to church in Germany. We drive 32 miles in MO. how bad do you want a good church?! 🙂

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