Home Alone


I love my family … I like my job … but tonight I am loving being alone.  Blissfully, happily, quietly, alone!

My husband took the girls to see his parents.  My son is at the first night on the job at Chick-Fil-A!  And it’s just me – my TV remote – my couch.  I can’t even go anywhere because the only vehicle left here (the old Buick) has a dead battery (again) – it obviously has electrical issues.  :-/

It’s been another week of life … another week of unexpected and routine:  2 snow days for the kids – and an early end to my work day on Wednesday (and I came home and COOKED!) and a late start on Thursday (I need to go in to work every day at 10 a.m. instead of 8!!).

The “new” eating plan is going well.  I don’t think I’m a TRUE “Trim Healthy Mama” because it is far too complicated and restrictive to my liking – despite its promises to be easy to do … It doesn’t involve counting calories – but you’re supposed to only eat certain types of food with others at certain intervals.  (fats and protein balanced by carbs)

So, instead, I’m just cutting down on sugar in general.  That doesn’t mean I’ve given up chocolate (just up’d the cocoa content and reduced the sugar in what I now choose) even though for now I’m giving up white bread and potatoes.   So far, I haven’t missed them.  I wish I was in Germany where rye bread abounds – totally “on plan” bread.  *sigh*

But I’m enjoying English muffins with natural peanut butter or 1/3 fat-free cream cheese  for breakfast instead of poptarts.  And apple and almonds as snacks.  LOTS of Triple-O Greek yogurt (sweetened with stevia).  Chicken, salads, even lean ground beef.  So far, so good … but it’s only been 1 week and 1 day.  But I think I already feel better.

Today’s dinner was Chicken Chowder made in the crock pot:

3 chicken breast (browned, if you want to – I didn’t)

bacon (cooked crispy, torn into pieces)

chicken broth (and/or water) – about 2-3 cups

1 cup heavy cream

1 block 1/3 fat free cream cheese

onions, garlic, celery, mushrooms, etc – let them “sweat” in butter til translucent

Put all this in the crock pot, season w/ s&p, throw in some parsley – and cook on low.


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4 Responses to Home Alone

  1. Rebecca D says:

    You know how much I love those few rare “alone” moments! I know there may be a day that I have too many of them, but at this stage in life I enjoy every second! 😉

  2. melanie says:

    I’d say it was a Providential break to the routine to have some extra time at home 🙂
    That chicken chowder sounds quite tempting!

  3. Tanya says:

    Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing. Hope you were able to rest up.

  4. domesticlady says:

    Good for you, enjoy your evening and dinner sounds lovely. I’ve been eating that plan since 2000 But with no thyroid I still don’t lose weight, but I feel better. enjoy!

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