Spring is Springing



It’s almost SPRING!!!  We survived this weird yet not too bad winter.  At least in our part of the world.  The kids did end up having 4 (?) snow days off school – one of which was a bonus as our school’s parking lot just wasn’t safe even though the main streets were.

I love Spring (even though I realize it is not technically SPRING yet on our calendar).  Today at the pharmacy, we had both of our doors wide open, and the temperature outside was absolutely PERFECT.

There isn’t much new or exciting to post about right now.  Life has settled back into a pretty steady routine of work and school and work and school.  Spring Break is next week – but sadly, we have no where to go.

In the Spring time, my wandering mind turns to road trips and far away places …

I always thought I’d like to “settle down” after all the Army years of moving and exploring new areas.  But after 12 years in the middle-of-no-where in Missouri and even now, here in Arkansas, while we like it here, I miss traveling.  Granted it takes time … and money – two things our family doesn’t have much of right now.

I think of how different my childhood was from what my children have experienced.  We lived near Washington DC until I was 10 years old and every summer, I’d get on the big jumbo jet at Dulles International Airport and fly off to Germany.  Even when we moved to Knoxville, my yearly treks across the Atlantic continued – which led me to places like Paris and Amsterdam and Sofia (Bulgaria).   Subways, trains, and buses were just a normal part of my life.

Growing up in the Southern Midwest, my children know car trips … they know their surrounding states and maybe a few farther away places.   But other than Annie’s train trip to Chicago and Drew’s trip to Germany in 2012, they have such a limited glimpse of what a vast world we live in.  Not that their childhood has been bad, it has just been very limited compared to mine.

Granted, my children have always had a fairly-stable church influence in their lives – or at least have been surrounded by people who have Christian world views.   They’ve had parents who stayed married, schools/education that echoed what their parents taught.  In many ways, that is the secure and stable world I want them to know … but yet, I know I learned so much from the challenges of seeing different cultures, being in some very unusual circumstances, meeting such a variety of people.

The German world Wanderlust does describe exactly what sometimes gets into my head though … there is this desire to travel, to wander, to explore!  There are day dreams of places I want to see yet or the memories of those I’ve visited and loved.

Maybe one day we’ll have the resources to travel again … or perhaps our children will make their own plans to broaden their horizons … or maybe it won’t ever happen.  Either way, I’m sure things will become just as God knows is best.


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2 Responses to Spring is Springing

  1. Tanya says:

    I am late in reading this time. I was not as traveled as you were, but I did do so much more than my kids have. Rob’s trip to Nicaragua last summer was his first time on a plane AT ALL! :o) And I know God has many more travels in store for him. Now you have made me want to go somewhere!! Time and money are holding us back from travel, too.

  2. Ruth says:

    The only thing I dream of in the spring is gardening and getting my hands dirty. That’s because I’m conditioned. We always did our traveling around Thanksgiving time. We did take a trip in July to see my Nana in NJ which was wonderful since she live blocks from the ocean and we could go there and spend the whole day while my parents talked and talked. I don’t go to NJ anymore because all of the family has moved away or died. I do go the the Maine beach when I get homesick for the ocean though.

    Spring was always gardening time in our home and we all helped. I don’t know why I love it so much, but I guess it’s what I’m used to doing. You’d think with all that labor as a kid I’d hate it. My dad made everything fun though so I probably shouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m impressed with your progress on your pursuit of being healthier. I am in a real slump, though spring fever is just starting to set in and when that happens I am much more active. I put away the cross stitch and get outside and do some walking about. That should help.

    Wish we could share a “cuppa” and have a good talk some day…. you just keep moving further away 🙂

    Happy spring to you.

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