Happy NON-Traditional Easter

It’s probably a good thing that I’ve spent the last 25 or so years of my life without a really close extended family or in any one particular home for too long (longest was the 12 years lived in Missouri – 4 years in military housing and 8 in our own home!) …

I don’t set my heart too much on traditional celebrations of holidays.  I mean, there are certain things my children expect on their birthdays or such … but overall, we have been in so many different homes in so many different locations, often times so far away from my family … I’m seriously OK with NOT having a traditional family celebration sometimes.

This year, I was asked what I was doing for Easter … and my crazy yet HAPPY answer was:  I’m spending it ALONE.  Yes, really.

And that’s ok.

It isn’t that my immediate family abandoned me so much as I gave them permission to go.  I had to work on Saturday due to switching work days with a co-worker.  It turns out my husband’s brother was coming to their parents home for a quick weekend visit.  And I told my husband to take the kids and go see them!  And so, when I left for work Saturday morning, they went to my in-laws house.

I cherish quiet far more than I felt the need to go to my in-laws house again since I’d just been there over my “so called Spring Break“.   And believe me, these last 24 hours or so home alone has been such a BALM to my chaotic soul.

I thrive on quiet and calm … on things being in order and organized.

After a fairly quiet 4 1/2 hours at work on Saturday morning (thank goodness!!), I came home to this scene:

The kitchen – dishes overflowing the sink.


The living room- laundry that was hastily done on Friday night so the kids could have clothes for the weekend … plus the usual chaos of the week of work and school and exhaustion at nights.



And my girls’ room … *sigh*.

I do give them a break since it is a fairly small room shared by 2 girls with very different age levels of interest and stuff.


I braced myself with a yummy salad.





ok, and just maybe an “off-plan” snack to give myself some fortitude! 20150404_194309


And I began Operation Organization.  It’s kind of weird, but I thrive on this.  Cleaning without disturbance, without having to stop to feed my family or answer questions or run someone to some appointment.

I also took a quick trip to Target and Walmart for supplies:  a bright new (and inexpensive) kitchen rug for the sink area and some organizers for the girls’ room.

And some quiet alone time browsing for me!




My evening reward was a nice, clean kitchen!!



And a nice clean fridge (took every OUT and cleaned all the shelves, etc)20150405_140653


And because I am a nice mommy … and more so because I can’t stand chaos … I cleaned and organized the girls’ room.



I changed out MiMi’s winter clothes for her spring/summer ones and organized their closet which often serves as MiMi’s “play room”.


The bathrooms got a GOOD scrubbing … complete with running the bathroom rugs through the wash.  

And I even freshed up my bedroom.



Today I celebrated Easter morning with a preacher I really enjoy on TV.  Then I set my Easter table with the kids’ “traditional” little gifts for when they come home later today.

It isn’t much this year … but one thing this weekend reiterated to me is that Easter is still Easter … and Jesus still arose … even if I didn’t get Easter baskets or wear my Easter dress or cook a ham.


So, it wasn’t a traditional Easter … but I am still feeling SO VERY BLESSED.


Happy Easter.






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2 Responses to Happy NON-Traditional Easter

  1. Tanya says:

    We definitely had a “non-traditional” Easter as well, but I agree that our kids really do not “NEED” all of the usual stuff for Easter (just few clutter and bad for their health). LOL! I had warned my kids that I would NOT be doing baskets or lots of candy. We went to a church in Williamsburg, but it was a bit disappointing. Thankfully we all talked it out and then watched part of the Passion of the Christ that focused our minds on the sacrifice of our Redeemer.
    I am a bit envious of your quiet time and completely understand!! You did an amazing job on your house! It is very pretty.

  2. babstig says:

    Awesome..come help me organize my casa! Do you know using abc travel and SATO we can find tickets round trip for $700!!! Think on that! 🙂 Also..why would the kids need all that crap? One or two small things is plenty good. 🙂 I am. Kissing our church in MO like crazy. I am glad we have not joined this church yet. While they are sweet..the preaching is….lacking. So many questions I am praying about. Glad you had a great weekend!

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