When Opportunity Knocks …


I have shared the lovely items that my bloggy friend Rebecca has given me over the last few months, starting with the LOVELY house-warming gifts when we moved in July:


The wrought iron wall art (hung with special – and inexpensive – brick hangers from Lowe’s) and the 2 candle pillars are products from Mary & Martha.

I’ve used them during Christmas …


and now the Easter/Spring season:


I also enjoy my Mary & Martha coffee mug that I won (from Rebecca’s website)


and I have sampled Mary & Martha coffee.

Mary & Martha coffee is premium, fresh and has an incredible story. Our partners, a missionary family, moved to Honduras with a passion to help farmers grow profitable businesses and invest in them spiritually.

ANYWAY, I never dreamed *I’d* run my own home business, let alone in direct sales … I mean, HELLO??!?!?!  Do you know ME?  Introvert extraordinaire!   Anti-social!  Not trusting of strangers!  Not big on wanting to make friends right now!

BUT I am realizing, I *need to* make friends –  Realizing I have no outlet for myself right now –  Realizing I will never be able to have a ministry or do anything of value if I just spend all my time alone or with my family –  Realizing my reclusive-ness is a poor testimony for my children.

Suddenly, an opportunity DROPPED INTO MY LAP … a no-risk gift to participate in something outside myself.  I can’t share the details, but it was something I couldn’t refuse … and really, something that was offered to me BY GOD through a person listening to His voice.  (Sounds dramatic, doesn’t it … and at the time, it really was … it got me all teary!!)

And so, as of yesterday, I am an independent consultant for Mary & Martha!

I have already set up my website … and a facebook page.  Check them out if you’re curious what this is all about.  “LIKE” my facebook page to stay informed.

I promise my blog won’t turn into a MARY & MARTHA promoting site!  Although, when I have give-aways or the monthly specials are just too good to NOT share, I will definitely pass them along here.

For now, I just wanted to SHARE this gift I’ve been given (an opportunity to have a HOME BUSINESS and to get a hold of MORE of the products that I really like!!  And to share those with my friends).  I am taking this as a gift from the Lord … an opportunity He gave me that I can share.

I do welcome you to look at the catalog online because it is just FUN to look at!




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2 Responses to When Opportunity Knocks …

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  2. Ruth says:

    I’m happy you can do this. I’m not a salesperson, so it’d be a hard job for me. I’d rather be a farmer 🙂

    I’ll check out your website. I clicked “like” on your FB page already.

    I think their products are beautiful and when I have a home again I might buy some stuff.


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