Weekend Catch-Up

We are officially hitting that “end-of-the-school year crazy” when all the field trips, field day, concerts, and other things happen right before school lets out for the summer (on May 22 – HALLELUJAH!)

Last Friday, 7th-12th graders went to a school family’s house and had an annual Field Day.  They played goofy games and had races and tug-of-wars and ate pizza and sat around and talked with friends (so I’m told … I wasn’t there – these pictures are courtesy of another parent/teacher).

I’m thankful my kids have a good school!  And this school year has been easier as they are no longer “the new kids,” and they are finding their place.


Annie-Belle is finally bonding with a friend who “gets” her.  They’ve been spending more time together recently.


While no school is perfect – and this one is quite a bit different than the one we left behind – I am thankful that my kids are surrounded by teachers who care about them – academically AND spiritually – and friends whose parents, like us, believe in Christian education.




Drew stays busy working … he doesn’t have much time for a social life, and he just prefers to be friends with everyone rather than stick to one particular “best” friend.  I can’t believe he will be SENIOR next school year … He just took the ACT for the first time, and we are going to have seriously start talking about COLLEGE and the future soon.


(that’s Drew on the left)

Last Thursday evening, the high school had its choir concert.  It’s always an entertaining evening …



Drew surprised us all by singing a SOLO!  The boy who was originally supposed to sing chickened out (aka his “voice was going out”) … and so Drew stepped up and offered to sing.  He sang a verse of “Amazing Grace.”  (I have it on youtube, if anyone cares to hear!)




In my own little world, I’m trying to figure out how to “launch my business” with Mary & Martha … and am learning some lessons about myself in the process.  I am learning about my expectations, my reality, and who I am.  More and more, I’m realizing I’ve had this “picture” in my head of who I am “supposed to be” … but that isn’t ME.  It is a forced version of who I think I should be.

How does all this relate to my business??  Well, if you recall, I’ve had a hard time entering the church social scene here … and after talking to my husband and my mother, I have given myself permission to QUIT TRYING SO HARD!  And just be me.

If I feel “led” to approach someone, then I will … and if I don’t, then I will continue on my quiet way … and I will be content and most of all, NOT FEEL GUILTY that I’m not that gregarious, out-going person I think I’m supposed to be.  Even if that means I am not labeled “a godly woman” or if my business stays small and personal forever.

Success and popularity have such twisted definitions in this world where people who do great things or have corporate victories are rewarded and held up as examples.  As Christians, we can just “do our thing” – whatever God called us to do – and it only matters what HE knows about us.  Granted, we are all human and want to be appreciated or acknowledged (at least I do!) … but that comes sometimes very quietly too – from those who know us best and love us the most.


So, I bravely held my Open House today – that I (quite honestly) half-heartedly invited a few ladies from my church to – and my faithful friend (and babysitter) was the only one who came.  And you know what??  I’m perfectly okay with that.  We were able to talk – and we were able to find that we are in somewhat of the same situation in regard to the church we both attend (she, longer than me).  Finally, I found that someone who said, “Me too!”

And I accomplished one of the goals of my business and that is to connect with friends.  Who knows if the second goal will ever happen:  to become more financially free … but there is no limit to what God can do!


So, God gives us what we need.  Dreams and goals and hopes and plans are good – to a point – as long as you realize if God isn’t in it, it isn’t going to work out no matter how hard we try.  And thus, I let go again today, and am just letting God do His will in me.  He has always worked things out for the best for me anyway …



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  1. Tanya says:

    The kids are getting so grown up!! Yikes! Where does time go?
    So I totally missed that it was a real open house. I thought it was ONLY a virtual open house. Duh………..I am out of it, I guess. But I am glad you had an opportunity to get to know the one gal. Maybe she needed your friendship as much as you needed hers.

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