The Goings-Ons Around These Parts

As we continue to wind down the school year, the activities keep a’comin’:

MiMi’s little class had its 100 Days of School celebration this week (she only goes to school 3 mornings a week so her whole school year is just about 105 school days total):


Miss MiMi sits at the “red table” … sadly, they’ve lost 2 table-mates over the course of the year, so it’s just her and a BOY.  But she’s okay with that overall … even though he’s one of the “naughty ones” according to her daily reports!  Her teacher actually told me that she leaves MiMi there to be a good example.  I guess I can be thankful for that!

Annie-Belle participated in our school’s Talent Show fund-raiser on Monday night by offering 2 comedic monologues.  She’s so amazingly comfortable on stage!  Where DID she get that??  Certainly NOT from me nor her dad…. but I’m thankful she has found a niche for herself!



Today – for fun – it’s a slow, rainy day at work, I took a little “character” test.  What’s my most dominant emotion?  I was not really too surprised to get my results (although I’m sure they are very generalized):

I’ll be honest, I was afraid my dominant emotion might be anger … but ironically it was FEAR!  :-O

You sometimes tend to be driven by fear – The fear of failure, the fear of ‘what if’, the fear of what others will say. You should try to ignore these thoughts and do something completely because you WANT to, without worrying about the consequences. Start small but aim high, and most importantly – leave your fears behind you.

Perhaps there is SOME truth to that result, though as a Christian, I know I have to approach fear in somewhat of a different light than a secular suggestion might advise me.

So, instead of forever trying to pursue JOY and CONTENTMENT as I have to do daily (if I am in the right frame of mind!), perhaps I should focus for a while on letting go of my fears.  It IS true that I fear failure, it is true that I go through all “what if” scenarios about EVERYTHING, and it is true that I fear what people might think of me.  It isn’t that I want to cease CARING … I just want to cease trying to please everyone and control everything.

And THAT is what’s going on around here.

HAPPY MOTHER’S Day.  As I’ve said before – it’s not my favorite holiday as I feel like I’m not a worthy woman and mother to be celebrated … but I do know GOD gave me 3 children, undeserved and unexpected … and I am THANKFUL He trusted me.

I get to share the day with my mother-in-law.  I guess sometimes I’m sad that I never get to see my own mom on holidays, especially not since we moved here.  But God knows.

I also read an interesting article today that might help me embrace my mother-in-law better.  She is a sweet, godly woman, and I know I need to not take her for granted.


The truth? I am not what my mother-in-law prayed for. She would have been happy with Mary or Martha as a wife for her godly son. Instead, she got Rahab. That is to say, a former bad girl, slightly tattered around the edges, continually grateful for God’s grace.

Because I lost my own mother to emphysema in my twenties, the idea of getting to know my husband’s mother was both thrilling and intimidating. Given time, I hoped we might become mother-daughter close. But as each year went by, I became less certain of my place in her heart.
Then I became a mother-in-law. Oh.

I quickly began making amends with Mary Lee, finally understanding the one thing she needed from me — unconditional love, expressed in as many ways as possible. Because of God’s kindness (and her patience), our last five years together were sweeter than all the years that came before them combined.

If you have a mother-in-law, it’s never too late to strengthen or rebuild your one-of-a-kind relationship. Which of these practical ideas might work best for you?

Praise her good points.
Just as you may wonder if she likes you, your mother-in-law may think you don’t like her. So, “Honor her for all that her hands have done … ” (Proverbs 31:31a, NIV), praise her every chance you get and help put her unspoken fears to rest.

Be all in.
In Scripture, Ruth’s pledge to stick faithfully by her mother-in-law Naomi, whatever their future might hold, sets a high bar for us all: “… Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay” (Ruth 1:16b, NIV). If necessity required it, could you welcome your mother-in-law into your home? Or willingly live under her roof? Does she know that?

Give thanks.
Show your gratitude for the woman who raised the man you love. She wasn’t a perfect mother, but she was his mother. Still is. Always will be. Even after she’s gone, honor her memory and be grateful for everything she did and was. “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV).

As relationships go, this one can be complicated, which means it also has the potential to go deep and wide. Open your heart, my friend. Let her in.
Liz Curtis Higgs



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  2. Ruth says:

    Don’t underestimate your worth in God’s eyes. Like you said, you were chosen to be the mother to 3 wonderful children. You’ve obviously done a great job along with your husband. No mother needs to be “remarkable”, they just need to know that they will make mistakes but that they have a Heavenly Father who doesn’t. I think you are spectacular, honest, and a little shy and that’s OK.

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