Weekend Blessings

There are so many things that are blessings of just ordinary life … Sometimes I just have to REMIND MYSELF that the daily routine is something to be thankful for because WE CAN DO IT!  Illness or an accident could change the ability to complete the ordinary in just a matter of seconds.  WE HAVE SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!!

My husband and I sometimes get into these conversations about how materialist life here in America is.  I sometimes get a little irritated because he could probably live in a cardboard box and be happy … and actually, he’s been pretty close to that a few times in the Army.  He was just blessed with this easy going personality that tends to find the good in any situation and his optimism levels seem to remain high more often than not.  I’m his sad opposite – I like creature comforts and small luxuries … or at least things of good, lasting quality.  I also like frivilous things and pretty things and gadget-y things and anything that involved spending money, I suppose (!?!) … I also am often more of a realist or perhaps even pessimist because in my life, things very often just don’t go as planned … and so many things we have malfunction or break or fall apart seemingly too quickly.

Oh well … what’s that point to that?  Well, this weekend, I made it a point to be thankful for ordinary things and turn them into fun things:

For example, Daniel worked late on Friday so I took the girls out for Mexican food … and spontaneously MiMi declared that she was ready to get her ears pierced.  Daniel’s rule for ear piercing for our girls was always that it had to be THEIR decision.  And so, we went on over to the mall to get it done!  The lady who pierced her ears said that MiMi was the easiest 5 year old she’d ever worked with.  In reality, that’s nothing I did or said … MiMi just decided she was going to do this – we talked about it “pinching” a little … and she just sat there and let it be done.  Smiling the whole time.


Drew was nominated (or whatever you might call it?) to go to Arkansas Boy’s State this coming week.  I hadn’t really heard much about this program … but found out that actually my boss and one of our pharmacists went to it back in the day.  This is Boy’s State 75th year!  They’ve had men like Bill Clinton, Mike Huckabee, and Tom Cotton come speak there because they too attended Boy’s State once upon a time (as did Neil Armstrong and Michael Jordan and Tom Brokav – who know?! – maybe not in Arkansas but I guess this is a national thing?)

So, today I drove Drew to the college campus where it is being held this year.  And in typical IRONY-OF-MY-LIFE fashion, our time there started with a near disaster.  Well, first we got registered, got Drew’s room assignment, and met his roommate and his mom (NICE people, seemingly!).  Then as we were unpacking the boys, the dorm floor leader guy came by … and it startled me.  I jumped – and my elbow hit Drew’s room key, which was sitting on top of his dresser.  And I heard the little click as the key shifted.  I figured I’d pick up the dropped key once the dorm-floor-leader-guy left.

And so, when I had the chance, I went to pick up the key … and it was NO WHERE IN SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Over the next little while, we moved furniture, shook out clothes and bedding, and searched every corner of the little dorm room.  NO KEY!  The weirdest thing EVER!!

The boys had to go to a meeting, so the other boy’s mom stayed with me while I continued the search all over again. Nothing.  No key!!  WHAT IN THE WORLD.  I tried very, very hard to stay calm – but inside I was praying that I’d find that key.

Finally, we swept the whole room again, under every piece of furniture – and I once again was praying.  AND I looked down at my foot … and in the CUFF OF MY JEANS, there was the KEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve never in a long, long time been SO relieved!  This kind of stuff only happens to ME, I tell you!

Anyway, the other mom was so sweet to have stuck it out with me … and we went downstairs to find our boys and say good-bye and walked back to the parking lot together.  Ironically, her vehicle was parked right behind mine in this huge parking lot.  But I do think maybe God gave us this experience to show me (and maybe her?) that the boys are at least matched up well in the dorm.  (This isn’t necessarily a “Christian” event so it isn’t like going to church camp, which is Drew’s only real experience with being away from us for such a long period of time … but his guidance counselor at school assured us it would be a good, well monitored experience.  STILL, the letting go of control … even over a boy that is now officially a SENIOR in high school is HARD!).


Anyway, while Drew has his reluctance to attend this week, he is going into it with a good attitude.  He, like me, isn’t really the biggest of “people persons” … but it is good to get out of your comfort zone and do something new and unknown by yourself.

Tonight the boys are hearing Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson speak.  Not sure who all else they will get to hear, if anyone.  In any case, I do like the motto of Boy’s State – and hope NO ONE ever lobbies to try to change or amend it:

American citizenship is my most priceless possession. I believe in the constitutional form of government of the United States of America which guarantees me as a citizen equal opportunity, equal educational rights, and the right to worship God as I choose. It is my obligation to participate in and contribute my effort to the civic and political welfare of my community, state, and nation.
I resolve to learn and understand government and the civic needs of my community and I hereby dedicate myself to the task of arousing and maintaining a like interest in my fellow citizens.
Therefore, may the experience of Boys State be ever with me as a reminder of my obligation to God and country.
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2 Responses to Weekend Blessings

  1. melanie says:

    I remember my brother went to Boys State (back in the day) at Camp Dodge (DsM) – good stuff I think 🙂 {Yay, Drew – it is an honor to be chosen, and he will do well there!}
    Yikes about the key – glad you found it!

  2. angiemart says:

    Went to Girls State at his age, and like him, not a people person. I had a great week and have good memories. They make it easy to work together on activities. Glad you found the key!

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