Once Every 5 Years …

Approximately every 5 years or so, my husband’s family has a reunion in Branson, Missouri with his parents and the “original” 6 kids and as many of their spouses, kids, and now GRANDKIDS who can come.  This year, we celebrated the folks’ 55th anniversary.  (Small note here:  I never called anyone’s parents “the folks” until I met Dan’s Iowa family!! … they also have “lunch” instead of a snack … and they “visit” instead of talk.)

After 22 1/2 years officially in this family, I’m thankful – even though as with all families, certain family members annoy me on occasion (and I’m sure the feeling is mutual).

But for one thing, Daniel is very blessed with a godly heritage!  His parents met at Bible college … and his grandparents were godly people, too.  This generation is a little more “diverse” as some kids have chosen to leave their denominational roots, but most still have the desire to have God as part of their lives.

Anyway, Daniel had LOTS of “leave” to use up so he took off last Wednesday through this past Tuesday.  A much needed break for him after all the overtime he works.  He took the girls with him, and Drew and I were only able to be there for the weekend due to work.

So, there was a lot of this for Daniel, quality time with his girls:


My one brother-in-law rented a vacation home for the reunion as there wasn’t room for all to stay with the “folks”:  it was pretty fancy with a theater downstairs:





and a big rec room downstairs with a pool table.   This was a favorite hang-out for the cousins:



Being that I see my in-laws the most, I figured I’d help more with the cooking and clean-up so the others could enjoy their parents:  my mother-in-law and I checking on the spaghetti:



I did get to “visit” lots too though:  like with Daniel’s youngest sister and a nephew of ours who was a 3 WEEK OLD BABY at our wedding in 1992!!  This is when the old aunt says, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown … my, my!”  and thinks, “WOW, I’m old!” (he’s a dad himself now!!):


This year my in-laws had 2 GREAT-grandchildren present:  Annie-Belle was the baby whisperer and helped the 2 little ones to feel comfortable and have fun among all the new faces:


My mother-in-law wanted the girls to have a “fashion show” with some of her old clothes she’d kept:  this is Mimsy in grandma’s “St. Louis dress”, one of the only store-bought dresses she’d had as a child, bought for a family trip to ….. St. Louis, of course!


Annie-Belle modeled grandma’s high school letter sweater.  2 other cousins wore Grandma’s 8th grade graduation dress and her high school graduation dress:




Here’s the “original” family:  the 6 kids and Mom & Dad (who also both turn 75 this year!):   We always get tickled that the sister who was adopted from Korea is so much shorter than all the rest of the Viking giants in the family.  🙂



Our family unit:


“Usies” by 2 almost-same-age cousins:


Grandparents treated us all to the Dutton Show in Branson – highly recommend.  Incredibly talented family:


Of course, the girls had so much fun while there:  lots of treats and ice cream!


a day at Silver Dollar City with cousins:




I think in the end, all were ready to go home … but it was a special memory (even if I happened to come home with a MIGRAINE …!)


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  1. Rebecca D says:

    Looks like a good time was had by all. I do not have a lot of close family connections but seeing pictures like this makes me hope that we can change that going forward!

  2. Tanya says:

    Love Love LOVE getting to see all the pictures and especially the family pics! Awesome! So nice to see Daniel’s family again. :o) Godly in-laws are definitely a blessing!!

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