Ironies of the Laundry

I have one million things to do … and what am I do NOW?  Sitting here, blogging.

The irony of my days and my life continues … as always.

I am sure some day I will find all these mishaps and trials and struggles – if not amusing – a little something to remember of what all I’m capable of or what all I’ve endured and survived.  For now, I write them down … just as a form of THERAPY!!  🙂

So Saturday- it was bad news, good news, VERY bad news.


Bad News:  I realized the dryer was NOT doing its job – after hours of tumbling, the clothes in it were still wet.

Good News:  The dryer is NOT ours – it came with the house.  Our own 14 year old Kenmore was stored in the garage.

Bad News:  our laundry room is narrow and tiny – it does not allow for the dryer to be easily removed past the washer which is the first appliance in place as you enter the room.

Good News:  Hubby was home to help move the appliances around.

Bad News:  My hubby thought the water value things were turned COMPLETELY off before he removed the hoses from the back of the washer.

MORE Bad news:  they were NOT completely off.

The REALLY BAD NEWS:  as he removed the one hose, it was spraying water all over the laundry room and HIM.  REALLY hot water as our water heater obviously has been set way too high … and the value appeared stuck.  :-/

(Yeh, only us … it’s ok to chuckle a little here)

Sort-of Good News:  I was able to grab a garden house and we were able to attach the spewing hose to it in order to divert the water out of the laundry room, through the garage to the outside.

Better News:  hubby was able to get the water value turned off completely this time.

Bad News:  the laundry room was flooded and water seeped under (through?) the wall into the garage, soaking some boxes on the other side of the wall.

Sad News:  it appeared a potential trip to the laundromat was in my near future…. and my house truly lacks places to hang still-wet clothing.


Fast forward to Sunday:  I was prepared to go to the laundromat, quarters galore gathered!!  And stopped myself because – dag-gum-it – I *have* perfectly good dryer … surely, we can manage to use it!!  And who wants to spend 4 hours on a Sunday at the laundromat?

Here we go again:

Bad news:  Hubby and the kids were still at church (I only went to 1 service of 2 to get a head start on the laundry issues)

Good news:  dryers are relatively light weight. I also realized if I turned the washer the other direction, away from the wall, I was able to force the dead dryer past it and out of the laundry room.

Bad news:  the old dryer went out easily … the working dryer was LARGER than the owner’s dryer and would NOT slide in past the washing machine.

GOOD NEWS:  Genius IDEA:  who says the washing machine has to be the first appliance by the door way??  I shoved it into the furthest corner of the room … and moved in the working dryer in its place.

BAD NEWS:  some houses have 4 prong dryer outlets … some have 3.  Some dryers have 4 prong electric cords … some dryers have 3.  OUR house has a 3 prong outlet; our dryer has a 4 prong electric chord.

GOOD NEWS:  we’ve had this issue before!  And we had a 3 prong electric cord AND the instruction book for our dryer (it pays to keep the manuals!!).

Better news:  I said a prayer and switched out the electric cords … and plugged the dryer in … hoping I wouldn’t blow everything up!!

BEST NEWS:  I was able to throw a warm, dry towel at my husband when he walked in the door later that morning!!  🙂


PHEW … are you exhausted??  I still am.


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3 Responses to Ironies of the Laundry

  1. Brenda says:

    Haha! That was a fun read!

  2. melanie says:

    Wow! Who to liken you to? Rosie the Riveter is the only one who comes to mind, but you, my friend, are AMAZING! And determined and smart to solve that with the Lord’s help. 😀 Go you!

  3. Ruth says:

    Wow!!! that was quite the experience. I had a similar weekend, well maybe not quite as complicated, but still tiring. Will elaborate later on the bloggy spot. Whew… I’m tired for you.

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