30 Days of Thanks – Days 3&4


Today we are celebrating our middle child … our fun-loving, tenderhearted Annie-Belle.


When we were expecting Annie, Daniel was still in the Army.  At the time and place where we were stationed, OB care was more like an assembly line operation, and I was known by my husband’s social security number rather than my own name!  I often waited an hour for a 5 minute check-up with my doctor.  But the care was adequate, if not very personal.  After the initial ultrasound at 6 weeks pregnant or so to confirm the pregnancy was viable (I was actually still being seen by a reproductive endocrinologist at that point), I never got another ultrasound to confirm the gender of our baby …

And so, not so much by our own choice, we didn’t know if our 2nd child was going to be a boy or a girl!  Secretly, of course, I hoped for a girl since we already had a boy!



The rest of Annie’s birth was an adventure as well.  She was due around November 26th … but my water broke early in the morning about 3 weeks before that date.  Not only that, but after expecting yet another natural child birth, I had to have an unexpected (thankfully, NOT emergency) c-section because Annie was transverse and my water had already broken so she couldn’t be manipulated in the womb.

Annie was born around 5:33 p.m. EST in Virginia at an Air Force Base hospital.  Thankfully, a college friend happened to be visiting us that weekend and stayed home with Drew during that time.  She hadn’t come to babysit … but I am thankful she was there for us!  We weren’t exactly sure how we were going to handle the child care situation during the birth since we weren’t near any family … but God has a way of working things out.

Annie is our resilient middle child.  That status – middle child – too came a little unexpectedly when she was 9 years old.  And she’s handled it well.  She’s a sweet sister to Mimsy and puts up with having to share a room with her.

Annie is my opposite, which often leaves me at a loss of how to handle her.  Annie is emotional and cries easily … she loves to perform – sing or act – on stage or otherwise.  She loves people and isn’t afraid to meet new ones.  Annie loves all things social – she’s our party animal!  Unfortunately, life with the rest of her homebody family means she often has to go to functions alone … and she usually does so cheerfully.

The last few years have been hard – trying to find a place where she “belongs” … and she just hasn’t fit perfectly anywhere.  We have prayed for a “best friend” for her, but so far, God has only given her ME, her mother.  I guess that’s His plan for now.

Anyway, Annie would be mortified to know I’ve written a whole blog post about her (she has this hang-up about me talking about her to my friends?!) … but it is only because I love her so much and am incredibly thankful she was born.  She is one of my biggest challenges and yet one of my most humbling gifts.  She is my example of loving others unconditionally and of putting yourself out there even when you don’t know anyone!

Happy 15th birthday, A-B!



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  1. Tanya says:

    Such a sweet, beautiful young lady!!!

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