30 Days of Thanks – Day 5

431e9dba4a57cacb80312724b29466caToday I really, really, really need to focus my mind on thanks … what a day!  what a week!  TGIF tomorrow, I suppose.   (If anyone would like to hire a maid service for me, that would be great.  Especially if she does laundry …)

So, I’m trying to find some hope and happiness tonight to calm my whirly thoughts before bedtime.

And I guess I can say I’m thankful I live in beautiful NW Arkansas … probably one of the last places on the planet I ever dreamed I’d end up!  And while this place holds its own set of challenges, I can’t complain about my little city – it has many of the elements I enjoy in life:  a big library, lots of events, SEC sports, shopping and eating … all within minutes of my house.

If you aren’t familiar with Arkansas (I still am not – I just know the parts where I live and those along Interstate 40 that takes us straight across the state to the border of Memphis, Tennessee!!), here it is broken down:  apparently there is some INTERESTING history to this state.


So, we live in “Razorbacks” – just south of “Wal-mart” … near the “mountains better than the ones in Missouri.”


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  1. Brenda says:

    Love the location. How funny!

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