December, Already?!

It was a great weekend … Great because I only left the house out of necessity a few times and for very short periods of time!  After the Thanksgiving “break” the previous week, I definitely needed some time at home to catch up, which entailed doing about 20 loads of laundry to include ironing about 10 shirts and washing many dishes and cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms.  I also had to re-organize the Christmas stuff which seemed to have just been thrown up all over my dining area as I didn’t have time to decorate and the girls “helped” by basically emptying the storage bins and digging through stuff haphazardly – and leaving the rejects strewn across the area.

But tonight I am satisfied that all laundry and bedding has been washed, the dishes are caught up, and I have some leftovers in the fridge to consider for lunches this week … and I have groceries so I can cook up a few meals as well.  It is a good feeling.  I even bought a few Christmas gifts on-line.

And so, before my world is thrown back into chaos tomorrow as we head back to school and work and holiday activities and the normal activities, I am enjoying the last moments of peace and quiet of this weekend.

Here’s what’s been going on with us since I last blogged (weeks ago!):

We loaded up the Arkansas Chugga-Bug and headed East to Tennessee the last Tuesday of November after Daniel & I worked and the kids attended school for a half day.


We made it to Memphis and spent the night.  BEST IDEA EVER … breaking up a 700 mile trip into 2 phases!!  The girls enjoyed the hotel’s indoor pool all to themselves, and we got a decent night’s rest – and a lovely free breakfast bar in the morning.  We made it home to Knoxville by mid-afternoon to spend Thanksgiving with my family.


It was 2 years ago at Thanksgiving that my dad blessed us with the Chuggabug … and I will never forget how grateful we are!!  Actually, it is more like the bionic van now that we’ve replaced its transmission, tires, wheel bearings, brakes, and more … but it’s getting us around fairly comfortably still.

So, we got to spend Thanksgiving with my family … and Daniel even took a little side trip to the Chattanooga area with the big kids to visit with 3 of his siblings and his parents who were spending the holiday there!  It was a fast but fun trip.

On Saturday, November 28, my brother offered to take me/us to the last Tennessee Vols home game … I haven’t been to Neyland stadium in 20+ years so that was a lot of fun.   Honestly, though, I don’t need to do it again for another 20 years.  I did hear “Rocky Top” enough to sustain me for that long, no doubt!   My favorite part of the game – other than the fact that Tennessee won – was watching the “Pride of the Southland” Band perform.


Drew drove us the 700 miles back to Arkansas on Sunday … It rained the whole way!  Thankfully, the traffic was tolerable, and we made it home in about 12 hours.

Monday, November 30, was BACK TO WORK … and back to work with a vengeance as Daniel had a 16 hour day, and Drew had to go back to work after school as well.  So, that evening, just me and the girls went out FOR MY BIRTHDAY … Since my mom had a little birthday party for me while we were still in Tennessee, I definitely didn’t feel neglected.


All last week was just “one of those weeks” … We had something going on every night.  Annie-Belle ended up missing 2 days of school due to a fever and stomach issues … and it was just an exhausting week.

But now we’re rejuvenated and ready to face this new week.  I’m trying to stop and look for glimpses of joy because I’m finding myself becoming very grinchy, considering all the to-do lists to accomplish by Christmas.  Last Friday night we were browsing at Barnes & Noble after Annie-Belle’s theater class performance, and a man randomly gave me $10 for Mimsy to buy a toy she was looking at (one I had just said I could not buy her at this time!) … It was a great reminder to look around and see if there is anyone we can cheer up or pay attention to.  Taking the focus off YOURSELF is one sure-fire way to stop feeling so exhausted and spread some joy.   <<< NOTE TO SELF.


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  1. Tanya says:

    So glad to hear your trip went well!! 🙂 Would you believe I have NEVER been to any UT game (any sport at all)??!? Not really that worried about it, but you know……….I am sooooo NOT a good VOL fan, hmmm?
    Loving the blessing you received from that man, and actually hoping to find some way to do something like that this season, too.
    Again, thank you so much for sharing your life in writing!

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