Our “Wonderful” Life

I almost didn’t write my annual Christmas letter this year … in fact, IF you get a Christmas card from me at all, it probably WON’T include the letter that I ended up writing because it was much like the year that’s gone by – uneventful.  And by saying uneventful, I guess I just mean that we went to work, to school, to kids’ activities, and attempted to keep the house clean and functioning in between.  There were occasions of traveling to see family, which is always great, but it always involves driving, packing, unpacking, and more laundry.  In other words, it was a lot of WORK.

As per usual, I sit here, anticipating going to work in a little while from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  If we had the Bummer Summer this year, this would be dubbed the “Crummy Christmas”.  As I read so many statuses on Facebook, “It’s CHRISTMAS BREAK” … I wonder when I get *MY* break.  Oh yeh, we get 1/2 a day off on Christmas Eve.  Thanks, Ebeneezer Scrooge.  😉   Actually, that’s just the lot of those who work in the medical profession … as well as law enforcement and military and those overworked postal-and-UPS workers (!!) and those who work in retail (GOD BLESS THEM!).

And so, I turn to my blog for some CHRISTMAS CHEER!!  I need some reminders that we really did have a “wonderful life”.  Ha.  And we do.  The kids are healthy and active … Facebook also reminds me that so many children and families have loved ones who are ill or in the hospital.  Plus, we get to stay HOME on Christmas Eve and most of Christmas morning anyway – MY FAVORITE PLACE TO BE!!!  I have firewood ready – even though the temperatures around here are a crazy 65+ degrees these days?!  I don’t have a lot of fancy plans to cook but we have enough for some good meals and dessert.   We’ll eat Christmas “dinner” with my in-laws later on Christmas evening.

I got my shopping done.  And after my last trip to Wal-mart on Monday night, which included dodging vomit near the front registers (again, retail workers:   God bless you!), I have decided that in 2016 I am doing ALL my Christmas shopping ON LINE.  Hello, Amazon.

And now — a reminder of all the things I have to be THANKFUL FOR right now:

Christmas programs.  Drew and Annie-Belle both sang solos in our school’s program.  They definitely get their musical ability from their dad.  I have none – but enjoy theirs!  Daniel sang in a cantata this past Sunday evening … and Annie-Belle also acted in her adopted youth group’s program on Sunday morning.


It was Drew’s LAST high school Christmas program … *sigh*


Mimsy enjoyed an all day Christmas party in Kindergarten last Friday, the last day of school for the next 2 weeks plus one day:


Mimsy is blessed with teachers who practically make their entire classroom and all they do Pinterest-worthy!  They are amazing!!



Mimsy has the most friends of all of us here in NW Arkansas…. Above she is with 2 of her K-5 friends who also attend church with us.  We had kind of a candle-lit caroling time last Sunday night, and the kids all got votives to hold.



I am not without friends … Above is me (head of the table!) with the group I attend Bible study with every Tuesday night.  They are ladies from 3 different churches who come together to study … currently still the book of Daniel (study by Beth Moore).


And yesterday was Mimsy’s 6th birthday!! Can this child already have been with us for 6 years!?  I so thank God for her.  The last 5 to 6 years have been some of the most upheavel-ed, tumultuous years of our lives thus far … and this kid has brought joy and laughter and her own unique insights on life to cheer us all up along the way.


Oh to see the world through the eyes of a child … EVERYTHING is exciting and wonderful.  No worries about bills and money and time management here.  🙂

And so, yes, we are blessed.  EVERY DAY.  Even on the most ordinary ones.




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  1. Rebecca D says:

    It looks like a lovely time. Sorry you had to work so much but it still seems lovely. Plus you pull off a birthday at Christmas every year! Amazing!!!

  2. Rebekah says:

    Merry Christmas!!

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