THURSDAY: A True Story

There’s a lot of news & events to catch up on my blog … but this has been “one of those weeks” … and yesterday (Thursday) was “one of those days”.  I took some time when it was all over to write it down because it is really rather incredible:

One of my favorite kids’ books is Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day.  Today I too was ready to move to Australia.


Our day started with Daniel announcing that his car wouldn’t start (again).

Actually, the fact that Daniel’s car didn’t start this morning wasn’t that unusual.  When you drive a 1996 Buick that has had as many problems as this one has had, you are just grateful for every day that it actually decides to turn over and transport  you the few miles that you dare drive it away from home.  The only good news is that in Arkansas, you have to get your vehicles’ value (and personal property) assessed yearly – and this car hardly costs us a penny in taxes.


And speaking of taxes, ours aren’t going so well this year.  Somehow the IRS likes to acknowledge the fact that both my husband and I worked full time last year and that he worked many overtime hours and that we own a “rental property” in Missouri …. But the IRS does NOT have any regard to the fact that we are digging ourselves out of debt, paying far more in rent than we should be, and that our rental property is a necessary evil and not an “investment” – among many other factors.  Oh, and did you know (and you probably did – but it was a SURPRISE TO ME) that they take away your child tax credit once your kid turns 17?!?!?!?!   Anyway, I started taxes yesterday so that was just another terrible, horrible, no good, very bad situation that I wasn’t ready for.

But, back to today, so Daniel’s car doesn’t start.  No big deal – we are used to shuttling each other back and forth to work, school, activities, and so on as the vehicles take turns breaking down.


Thankfully, TODAY, Drew was also ready to register his new-to-him vehicle (and ironically he now has the nicest car of any of us!) … The DMV was just as bad as I had anticipated.  I was a little leary at 8:15 a.m. when we arrived and there was only ONE employee working the vehicle registration section (we pulled #13, and she was helping customer #4) … but at 8:30, another worker arrived, and by 8:50, there were actually 4 employees moving those numbers along.  We were done by 9:15 and because Drew wanted to prolong returning to school as long as possible, we had breakfast at Chick-Fil-A.

The afternoon began Round #2 of the family shuttle service.  The plan worked out pretty well – Drew took Annie-Belle to her theater class after school then picked up Daniel from work and deposited him at the doctor’s office for his afternoon appointment (he’s been fighting a cold, ear ache, etc for 5 days now), leaving Mimsy with me at work (the pharmacy) next door; then he zipped off to work at Chick-Fil-A.  I left work at 4:40 to go pick up Annie-Belle from theater class and returned to the pharmacy by 5:15 just in time to dispense and pay for Daniel’s Z-Pak.  He had to get his left ear irrigated and now has no more excuses that he can’t hear me!!

Even so, that is just “all in a day’s work” really.  We do this kind of running around in circles quite often (more often than I’d prefer!).  So, after depositing Daniel on the couch with lots of fluids, tissues, and blankets, I took Annie-Belle to the library.  I was rewarded by finding the latest book written by a favorite author (Elizabeth George, the fiction/mystery writer, not the Christian writer, although I like her too).  We grabbed yummy, fresh tacos at Tacos4life (a new place in town that donates 1 meal for every meal you buy) … and headed home.


And here the no good very bad day came to an end with the most ironic event of all!  As I was getting out of my van, I was rather pleased that we’d accomplished so much in that day, and I was now going to REST and RELAX.  Why do I ever get my hopes up like that??!

I pushed the button to the ONE GOOD sliding back door of my van after getting out the few things I needed from the back (the other door sticks horribly, and I hate to even use it), and suddenly, I felt somewhat pinned down!  Sure enough, I had shut the door on the corner of my (only winter) coat.  And I couldn’t for the life of me get the button to work again to open the door.  I called for help, and Daniel, feverish as he was, came out into the cold garage to try to rescue me.  And we tried to push, pull, and force that sliding door to open – from the outside and from the inside.  AND IT WOULD NOT BUDGE.  I, of course, had to slip out of my coat, but I couldn’t DRIVE with most of a coat hanging from the sliding door of my van!!!!  And so I did the next desperate thing:  I cut my (only winter) coat loose from the door.  And even then, the little piece stuck in the door frame would NOT budge and is stuck there, I suppose, forever.  And of course, we can’t ever use that used-to-be-good door again.  THANKFULLY, we have another sliding door, but as I said, it doesn’t work properly either.  Perhaps the kids will just have to exit the van out of the back hatch, kind of like the emergency exit of a bus?!

Have you ever heard of such a thing?  Am I the only person on planet earth who has stuff like this happen to them?!  Daniel even went so far today to ask me if I’d been paying our tithes.  (You have to know that all our lives preachers have warned us that if one doesn’t pay their tithes, God will give you flat tires and all kinds of troubles …)

I am exhausted and frustrated – and thankfully, at this point of my day, amused enough to chuckle a little bit as I think of our crazy day and our crazy life and the crazy things that seem to continually happen to us.  I can’t say I’m really looking forward to tomorrow though.  At least we don’t have to worry about Daniel’s car right now as he is calling in sick tomorrow and won’t be going anywhere.  I just wish I could call in “mentally exhausted”.


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  1. Tanya says:

    Oh, no! I am so sorry. I will add your van to my prayer “wall.” I will also pray for your mental exhaustion, too, because I do understand that completely.

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