A Brighter Outlook


Ironically, the BHG magazine that I was suckered into subscribing to for “only” $6/year arrived today.  The cover was a reflection of all the things I’d been studying on Pinterest for the last few weeks in getting prepared to transform my girls’ room.   For us, though, the deed was already done this weekend!

Our inspiration – more so Annie-Belle’s than mine – was this palette:


Annie is my bright and cheerful child … and while I was leaning towards painting the walls a nice light gray neutral, she totally wanted TEAL/AQUA/TURQUOISE and maybe coral accents.

She chose Olympic paint’s Caruso color for the walls:


and after some contemplation, we decided coral was too orange-y for us and went with a more raspberry/pink color for accents.

We went through 4 cans of Valspar’s Passion Pink spray paint to cover the book case and a piece of a desk:


So, last Saturday afternoon, I prepped the room with painter’s tape, and we were ready to transform the old flat green walls.


The paint went on shockingly BRIGHT SKY BLUE, and I think we all were just a wee bit panicked!!!!!!!  This is NOT what we’d signed up for!!


But soon enough, the paint dried into a lovely teal-y blue color – just as the paint sample had promised.  PHEW!!


Annie-Belle’s new bed arrived on Monday – a daybed, just as she’s wanted forever, too.


Mimsy has made out well too as she’s finally moved out of her old crib (a hand-me-down from Missouri friends), which we had turned into kind of a daybed for her.  She inherited Annie’s old twin bed and some old bedding we had in storage that is now all new again!  🙂


If you know us or have read some of my previous DIY misadventures, you must know that I faced this project with GREAT trepidation!!  We are SO not good at home improvements.  Our budget is just too tight to call in the experts … but with this project, I don’t think there were any major tragedies!!  Hallelujah.

The girls are super excited about the outcome -and even I am embracing the very bright colors (that are usually not in my comfort zone).  Now, hopefully, they’ll just keep their room this clean!!!  🙂


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2 Responses to A Brighter Outlook

  1. Rebecca D says:

    So fun! I love how it turned out, so bright and cheerful, just like your girlies!

  2. Tanya says:

    Well, it turned out beautiful! I really like the three colors together.

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