Time Passages …

I know it is so cliche’ … but TIME DOES FLY!  Babies become young adults in the blink of an eye.  Sometimes those baby and toddler years seem ENDLESS – the diapers, the long nights, the training, the teaching, the laughing, the wonder, the FUN!

And then, it’s over.  The kids grow up and they want to MOVE ON … and leave you … and do their own things …

And you know, I very well remember the month of my high school graduation – I COULD NOT WAIT to be done with school and move on and leave and do things on my own!!!!

May is going to be a nostalgic month for me – very emotional – and has already brought back so many memories for me.

My baby boy, who loved his Lambie, whose smile lit up a room, and whose eyes more or less TWINKLED with delight at everything …

0 1 year Andrew

is now this young man:  he’s lost some of the twinkle due to the realities of life, disappointments in people, and responsibility of being in a family that can’t just give him everything he wants or needs … but he is still full of hope and has plans and is fun to talk to and can discuss anything from politics to God to personalities … and he has developed a sort of sarcastic humor that I get very well (but isn’t always appreciated by everybody, especially a certain teacher …).  I love that he is responsible and orderly and helps his Momma so much, even yet … He’s a great kid over all – not perfect – but from all we can tell, God has answered our prayers and he’s kept his heart pure and desires to do what is right.

 andrew1 best pic

He will be graduating from high school on May 28th.  He has already sang in his last high school concert, and he is coming up on his last high school Field Day and last Honors assembly and then his last finals.  And then, he is done – finished with high school on May 18th – but the other grades go one week more, and then he doesn’t graduate until a Saturday after that.  And he is SO ready – Senioritis is REAL.

Just the other day Drew was graduating from Kindergarten (and Annie-Belle was very little – and Daniel and I were very young … and thinner!!)….

0 K5 family (2)

And NOW our youngest girly wants to graduate from Kindergarten, too!

Mimsy will graduate on May 24th.  What a great year she has had!!

miriam k5 grad

She’s reading so well!  We were a little worried when our school switched its entire curriculum from what was familiar to us (ABeka) to something only familiar to us for older grades (Bob Jones).  It has been somewhat of a different approach to reading (now known as “literacy”!) and math … but the Bible stories and songs have been awesome – and Mims knows her phonics.  It works!  Her 2 teachers were a HUGE part of that as well, obviously.  Her main teacher is one of those Pinterest-worthy crafters who has done some really clever crafts and projects with the kids, and the other teacher has a degree in education which is paired with her compassionate heart – and it’s been a GREAT combination!

Our middle child has had a tough school year … despite this being her 3rd here in Arkansas.  I think our first year here we were full of high hopes and expectations, and then in our second year here, some of those expectations weren’t met – and hopes were dashed.  And this year has just been a struggle – academically (imagine your high school Biology teacher having his PhD in Microbiology and teaching you like he might a college class!!) and spiritually (our church’s youth group went through some changes and lost a beloved leader, but thankfully a friend’s youth leaders have taken Annie-Belle in to their ministry on Wednesday evenings) and emotionally (hormones, hormones, hormones!).

DSCN0097 DSCN0105

But what I love about Annie-Belle is that despite her struggles with sadness and loneliness and anxiety is that she has TURNED TO God and COME TO her parents (mainly me) with her issues and talks to us openly and prays about situations.  While she doesn’t quite understand everything that is going on within herself and around her- and sometimes doesn’t like what we have to tell her (the reality of life and the truth of God’s Word that contradicts what the world tells teens) – she is open to listening to us and to godly teachers/counselors at school.  We have also recently turned to her wonderful pediatrician whom we have seen here the last 3 years and are getting some further help from her.  It is something that I may or may not share as time goes by … It is – of course – a very personal journey … but as I’ve been able to talk to a friend lately about teenagers these days – and teens who are trying to reconcile GOD with an enticing yet evil yet alluring yet dangerous world and its philosophies, who need support and godly counsel and good friends – even good adult friends (which seems to be more what Annie-Belle has right now than her-own-age friends).   Raising a child in this time period is not easy … I often pray for Jesus to just return and right all the wrongs (preferably before this coming presidential election!!).

I am so thankful for my momma-friends.  While most of my most-trusted friends don’t live near me, I know they are out there doing what I am doing:  their very dead-level best – with God’s help – to raise good, godly kids!  And many of my friends have raised some pretty wonderful adults at this point already (college kids and married adult children!) – and they are SUCH a huge encouragement to me that it CAN BE DONE!!  There are tears and prayers and worries and apologies along the way … but the end result of a great, life-long relationship with your kids is so worth it!

May is going to be bittersweet – but it isn’t the end … for many chapters of our family’s life, it is just the beginning!



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  1. Rebecca D says:

    Seasons of growing and change are the hardest but in the end the most rewarding. You have AH-MAZE-ING kiddos and they will all do great! ❤ Ya!!

  2. Tanya says:

    I agree…….. so many days I pray that the Lord would return and right the terrible wrongs and sufferings of defenseless ones.
    I think girls have a harder time in teen years than boys because we take more things to heart than guys. I am about to find out, hmmm?! 😉
    Hang in there………..been praying for you and for your sweet girl specifically!

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