While I Wait


Thank you, friends, for your prayers for our recent circumstances (well, MINE, mostly!!).

Currently, I am just waiting … I had a meeting with the pharmacy’s owner and the head pharmacist this morning.  Thankfully, I’ve had since last Wednesday to think, pray, write out my ideas and explanations (often in the middle of the night!).  I had a long conversation with my mom last night, and I know between my parents, family, and friends, I was covered in prayer!

I calmly (no crying!  no hyperventalating!) explained my ideas of cutting my hours and *not* working 3 evenings a week to the bosses even while I want to do my part and am willing to stay late once or twice a week, and I think they understood.  I know the head pharmacist did; he has always known my heart was at home and tried to work things out so I could be more flexible.  The boss/owner, I’m no so sure of … while she is a mom and understands, she also said she wanted schedules to be “fair” and is concerned that everyone “carry the load” together – although she also said she was glad I was actually asking for LESS hours instead of more.

My old boss stopped by my office this afternoon and shared some more insight with me to the direction of our company … and yes, my comfortable billing job is definitely being down-sized to a bare minimum.  😦

But in all this, I have been reminded that God is (I want to believe!) working behind the scenes.  He KNOWS our needs … and He KNOWS me.  And He loves me.

I won’t have any answers to the future of my job for a day or two yet as the “leadership team” is discussing … and they have much more to discuss than just me as one more person on our staff has also submitted 2 weeks’ notice yesterday.  The dynamics of our business are totally changing – the focus will be more on the pharmacy and much, much less on the home/durable medical equipment (which is what I did the billing for).

God isn’t nearly as shocked as I am about all the changes … and He is calm right now.  He knows the plans He has for me.

That said, I have already been entertaining some other options and looking at available jobs as well.

Soon, I may be changing my blog to THE FRUGAL HAUSFRAU as we will definitely be tightening our belts around here if my hours are indeed cut – but I will, God willing, be home a full day to help organize meals and things that will cut costs in the long run.  Stay tuned for “the rest of the story” …



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  1. Amy says:

    Continuing to pray for you and the family. I, too, believe that God has something great in store for you–whether that is the blessing of an extra day at home every week or a job change. Love you!

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