A Happy Project

I guess I am pretty good at having big ideas but never really following through on them …

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my life, my attitude, even my blog …  just contemplating my purpose in combination with God’s will – and what in the world I am doing with the few talents I have been given.

If I could live my life as I wanted, I think I’d go back to home-schooling my girls, stay at home, cook, clean, craft, putter around, be part of some co-op, tutor German students… and write.  But as I have to live life as it is, I have to work full-time right now.  Which really gets me down and overwhelms me because it conflicts so much with what I’d rather be doing with my time.

HOWEVER, I’ve decided since this is my lot in life for now … and GOD WILLING, it is temporary?!! … I need to find some outlet that gives me JOY!  I need to do something with my desire to write that isn’t negative and doesn’t just dwell on the mundane-ness that is my life right now – work, eat, sleep, repeat.

Granted, my girls are on “Fall Break” today, and I took the day off work (best idea EVER – although it makes me long for the days when I could just BE HOME …) and not only spent some time with my kids but started working on an idea I’ve had for a while … something that makes me happy and gives me a POSITIVE thing to share.

My idea was inspired – in part (though the idea has rattled around my head for a while now) – by the fact that my son is considering a double major in college:  international business and German.  He will be taking his first German class next semester and has a plan to continue over the next few years.  While I had no real influence on his decision, I am so incredibly pleased that he’d share an interest in our German heritage.

And so, I have started a blog in an attempt to give myself an outlet to share some of my best memories (my childhood and Army-life days that I spent living in Germany) as well as some of the vocabulary, culture, and grammar lessons that I used as a German teacher.  This blog will combine my love of Germany, my happiest of memories, and my German language skills and give me a positive “project” to work on.

If you’d like a peek at what I’ve begun, check out my link here:  Ein Klein Bisschen German .

And here’s hoping I am able to follow through this time …


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