Playing Catch Up

Itchy fingers need to type … busy brains need to write … I haven’t touched this blog since last February when I shared the story of the passing of my father.  I have been focusing on new, less tell-all posts over at my German blog – Klein Bisschen Deutsch.  I get to share a little bit (which is exactly what klein bisschen means!) about my memories and my thoughts, but mostly, I am keeping it neutral these days.


We have lived in NW Arkansas for 4 years now (actually, as of July 28).  There have been so many ups and downs and lessons learned in those years – and the ones before.  I love that I was documenting some of the journey here … and sometimes, this blog felt like my only real friend (probably because I knew some of the readers behind it WERE real friends!!).  I have missed blogging and documenting our days a lot, but feared I was sharing TOO MUCH personal information on the great big, scary world wide web.

And yet, the need to sort through my thoughts and document our lives remains.  And so I will play a little catch up today.  Since I last posted, I have settled into a new job – and thank God for that job!!  I work for a sweet – if not somewhat disorganized and laid back – Christian man who puts God first, then family, and somewhere along the line is business.  I do billing for an independently-owned medical equipment company.  I have fairly flexible hours, and I have truly nice co-workers that I now consider friends.  Recently, the girl (lady?) I was working with moved on to a new company, and I am now the lead (and only) biller.  I never ever wanted a career in my whole life ever (yes, that adamantly), but I must admit I enjoy being in charge of my little billing world – I love seeing payments come in and denied claims get paid.  Today I wrote my first rebuttal for a decision Medicare made … and the getting the wording all right was almost – dare I say – FUN?!!  That is actually my favorite part of the job – writing a reconsideration with all the facts and documentation for a denied claim, if indeed I know it should be paid. All those college research paper skills have come in handy!

After a nice summer break, including a family vacation to Texas and a quick girls trip to visit my family for a few days in Tennessee, we were ready (ok, not really ready but ready as we’d ever be) to start school on August 14.  Annie-Belle is a Senior (!) and Mims is in 2nd grade (2nd grade!!!??!!!).  Drew started his 2nd year at the U of Arkansas this past Monday; he is still living at home to save money and also earned almost enough scholarships to pay for his entire Sophomore year.  (PRAISE GOD!!)  It is amazing how God provides because we really are just an ordinary family with average kids – no sports stars, no brilliant academics — just normal kids with normal talents, trying hard to do their best.

Right now Daniel and I are facing 2 big giants in our lives:  1.  our health  and 2. our finances.


We both have been challenged by doctors to get healthier (ie. lose weight, exercise).  I have recently been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis (otherwise known as Hashimoto’s Disease), and Dan is pre-diabetic.  It is no suprise to us – in the last few years, the stress of his working up to 60 hours per week and my adjusting to being a working mom hasn’t been easy.  We lack energy and motivation – and often are just exhausted mentally and physically.  But this is serious, folks!  Time to make some big changes.


Also, after 4 years of attempting to dig ourselves out of debt – without going bankrupt – we have finally reached out for some financial help, and we have an adviser who is going to help us reach that goal.  I am scared – it means cutting up credit cards – which we don’t often use but I like having in my  wallet as a back-up plan.  We are supposed to be focusing on our emergency savings … and doing all those “Dave Ramsey” type things that we never seemed possible to do.  BUT again, it is time to make serious changes.


In happier news, we have finally found a little church that we enjoy attending.  It is much smaller than we are used to, but we love the pastor and his wife, an older couple who you just want as your grandparents.  There are already many opportunities for us to help – Daniel has been asked if he would consider leading singing, prepare some special music, and even teach or preach occasionally.  Annie-Belle and I can help with the childrens’ ministry – and she too can sing.  I am looking forward to being useful again.

It was fun catching up …




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3 Responses to Playing Catch Up

  1. Tanya says:

    So good to hear from you about real life!! I am struggling a bit with the thought that 2 of my boys (!!!) are at Liberty now (and yes, that means we are BROKE!). We just took Garrett on Thursday. My house is too quiet with only 2 kids. I also need to get my health back on track, too. It seems that many of us are struggling with the same things. Sure wish we could catch up sometime for real!

  2. Amy says:

    Hello again! I love your news about the job. Health? Ugh! I am just a bit ahead of you on that one….I’ll bet that’s because I’m so much older than you. I went to the doctor in March for a checkup and she YELLED at me because my blood pressure was too high! Work stress and a steady diet of fast-food lunches with my coworkers were not helping me one bit. Although I still have a long way to go, I have lost 25 pounds since then and almost cut out the fast food entirely. I am using Sparkpeople to track my food and exercise and it has worked well for me.
    In other big news, we are moving! We found a place (local) in the country with a bit more breathing room and a HUGE garage for Rob to tinker on his car, and a pool (definitely not on our wish list, but it’s a definite perk) and a smaller country home. Right now we are worn out with moving one carload at a time, but we’ll get there and I can’t wait!
    We’ll be less than 10 miles off I40…please consider stopping for a visit sometime when you’re passing through. 🙂 I can’t believe your kids are growing so fast, but then one of mine is married and a teacher and the other has his first full-time job. Where does time go?

  3. melanie says:

    Greetings via The Hausfrau Blog, dear friend! ❤
    That Drew has school bills (about) paid again is SO great!!! #wootwoot
    That you found a church HOME is also GREAT to read!
    Here's to your renewed financial success! Get that snowball rolling!
    And can I just say, How about trying Whole 30?? You should be able to find the book _It Starts with Food_ at a library. You will have to overlook the 'paleo' evolutionary worldview, but it isn't as pervasive/in-your-face as some things I've read, nor as blindly adamantly "paleo." They explain things well, add some humor, and remind you that it's not necessarily forever. Just long enough to let your body recover and be able to 'tell' you what works or not for you. Um, yes, I had to buy my own copy… which is waiting for me to (re)read. 😎

    Related Sidenote: A friend with Hashimoto's who's been on various types and levels of thyroid meds for 20 years weaned herself completely OFF this past spring. She made major diet changes and receives care from both naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals.

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