Hodgepodge – 9/13/17

Sometimes I hodgepodge here … sometimes I hodgepodge there.    That’s the fun of having 2 very different blogs (though this one is far more neglected!).

Anyway, today, join me (and our hostess Joyce and friends) HERE:

1. Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

A photograph captured just at the right moment or a painting created with the heart CAN convey feelings that 1,000 could describe but don’t need to.

2. Have you ever driven any part of the Pacific Coast Highway? If so what was your favorite stop? If not, is this sort of trip on your bucket list?

When we first got married in 1992 (almost 25 years ago!), my husband was in the Army and we were stationed at Ft. Ord in Monterey, California (where Hwy 1 runs through!).  I had never in my pre-meeting-husband life imagined living in CALIFORNIA, let alone in a small studio apartment with a view of the Pacific Ocean over the sand dunes from my front door!

We lived there for 3 months before being transferred north to another place I never imagined I’d live – Ft. Lewis in Washington state where we spent 2 fun, adventure-full years.  Anyway, I digress….

While we lived in Cali briefly, every weekend was like an extended honeymoon – we explored all the towns and cities and highways around us – and yes, we drove various portions of Hwy. 1 in California, Oregon and Washington.  My favorite parts might have been Hearst Castle – the home of newspaper giant William Randolph Hearst – in San Simeon.


3. How do the changing seasons affect you? As the seasons change do you find yourself looking more forward or backward? Which season-season transition bothers you most? Why do you suppose that is?

I am among the very few (at least according to my Facebook feed) who aren’t looking forward to the upcoming fall season (side note:  I am also NOT excited about all the pumpkin spice everything either!!).  Fall makes me sad and fills me with dread.  While I do like the weather (for the most part!), I just know winter is coming.  Maybe I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), but winter really, really gets me down.  It is a long season of endless school, work, work, and school – cold, early mornings and not much else to look forward to (and believe it or not, even Christmas doesn’t really cheer me up much!).

I do know that October brings me memories of some sad events:  I miscarried our 3rd child on October 17, 2002 … my husband had a terrible accident that shattered his left tib-fib bones and ankle on October 5, 2012, after which he underwent 2 major surgeries in the weeks following … and so fall associations just aren’t my favorite.

4. It’s your birthday and you get to pick the dinner menu. What are we having? Do you ever lie about your age?

I haven’t had a good, thick, medium-well done steak with a loaded baked potato and a side salad in a long, long, long time so that sounds good right now!  Dessert:  strawberry swirl cheese cake – a few hours after dinner though, please!  I’ll be stuffed for a while.

I don’t feel the need to lie about my age.  I’m 46 – and I’m okay with that!

5. What’s a life lesson you’ve learned recently?

I have found I have mellowed out so much in the last few years.  Little things, inconveniences, and other’s actions don’t bother me as much as they used to.  NOW, don’t get me started on criminal and immature acts seen in our news these days by people who feel entitled or demand their special rights … or crimes against children, babies, or the elderly … but otherwise, there isn’t much you can do or say about me personally that will make me upset.  I am truly “comfortable in my own skin.”  I guess that is what 46 years of living and learning does for a person?!!?

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

My son will turn 19 years old next Monday….. REALLY!!?!  He doesn’t look 19 to me:

0 1 year Andrew


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6 Responses to Hodgepodge – 9/13/17

  1. Tanya says:

    Awwww…….I remember how you liked lambs for his birth. Would you believe that I always give lamb-themed baby gifts now (for obvious reasons)?! 😉 19 already? Time flies!

  2. jodaley says:

    Happy birthday to your son! We share the same birthdate (day and month, not year-ha!) My son-in-law is at Ft. Lewis now. It is a beautiful part of the country for sure, just very very far from the East Coast. Have a great weekend!

  3. Colletta says:

    It is strange how we associate life events with the seasons. I’ll be married 17 years on the 17th of September and think of Autumn as my Honeymoon month 🙂

    Here’s my hodgepodge:



  4. melanie says:

    Maybe the Hearst Castle reminds you of Germany?? 😀
    Yes, what is with these babies who grow up to be ADULTS so fast?!
    It is VERY much summer weather here this week —

  5. dshenry5 says:

    Hello from the Hodgepodge! I live in CA and my sis-in-law lives in Monterey, so I know exactly the part of Hwy 1 that you are talking about! Isn’t it beautiful? And my eldest is turning 20 this year… so I know exactly what you mean. Sigh… why do they have to grow up so quickly? Have a wonderful day!

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