Moving Along … but Not In Yet:

We have countertops – sinks – the walls & trim are painted. The dishwasher is installed – the stove & microwave (over-the-stove) are waiting their turn. Some doors are on and shelves are installed in the linen closets and pantry and closets.

There is no electricity yet so all the pictures here are taken at night. So the colors don’t really show.

It is motivation to clean out and clean up the lovely rental house. Got 6 more trash bags full to donate. I bought at least 6 or 7 plastic storage bins and under-the-bed bins over the weekend – and filled them up – and my FAVORITE: labeled them with my handy-dandy labeler.

Still SO MUCH to be done – here and there. Thankfully it has been cold but not freezing or rainy here this week. Maybe some brick and stone work will get done?!?! Here’s hoping I can post about that soon!

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  1. babstig says:

    congrats friend!!! corie


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