In the Light:

Mid-January our house made great strides. We have LIGHT! Lights, appliances, carpet!!

Bedrooms w/ carpet – and lovely (ha!) builder grade ceiling fan.

Everything is covered in construction dust for now … and the appliances aren’t BLUE – ha!

I had hoped for white cabinets … but with this plan of building, we are bound by what was available. And the cabinets look nice with the countertops.

At this stage, the house still needed gutters and blinds and other details I don’t even know about: but it’s getting pretty real:

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  1. Tanya says:

    Even with “builder grade” things, I still think it looks nice — and will look even better when you get your personal touches added in. 🙂 Very exciting! and “Blue appliances” ……that made me LOL!

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