Project 1650 to 1340: the HOO

HOO = Home Owners Orientation

We had ours on Friday afternoon, Feb 11. With our builders, that means the house is COMPLETED and ready for closing! We did a walk-through and talk-through with the community manager and construction supervisor. They told us how to “use” the house (ie air filters, water shut-off points, what is recommended to maintenance & when) and made sure we know what all is under warranty and how long those warranties last. Etc., etc., etc.

We are all set to close this Tuesday, February 15!

An item of note just for me, we had to get an appraisal done (not sure if all home loans require this – but the VA loans require it before closing). AND the final paperwork stated that our home is 1341 sq. ft. That 1 square foot might make all the difference! (that, or someone made a typo!).

#419 is almost ours! (Well, our mortgage company’s, but they will let us live there!)

My project this weekend has been to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD to fit my current (amazing, wonderful, best-ever!!) kitchen…

…into this: lovely but SMALL kitchen:

And YES, project #1 once we move in is install our PRIVACY FENCE

(just look out those windows :-O !)

I also need to downsize my AMAZING current pantry, that is basically a small room in-and-of itself:

into this pantry:

While we are very excited and very THANKUL for this new house (especially in this CRAZY housing market here in NW Arkansas), there is some sadness over leaving the house we have LOVED for the last 7 1/2 years. Favorite. House. Ever.

But we are SO incredibly thankful for the journey of financial restoration that we’ve been on the last probably 8-9 years after a job loss, serious injury, and so many other things God has allowed to help us focus on HIS provision – and most of all, that THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME! Where we live and what we live in – in the light of eternity – doesn’t really matter (except to us as human beings who crave comfort and convenience). So while I may mourn the letting go of our rental house (a lot!!), I am seriously trying to focus on BEING THANKFUL for what God has given us – a brand new house with our very own mortgage here on His lovely planet earth in lovely NW Arkansas!

For the moment, until we have signed every last closing document and I have keys in hand, I am still somewhat holding my breath … and once that happens, the REAL project 1650 (sq ft) to 1340 (sq ft) will begin as we start to move in!

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3 Responses to Project 1650 to 1340: the HOO

  1. Tanya says:

    It almost looks like you could have one more shelf added to the top of the new pantry. Just a thought……
    I am praying for you, my friend, as you go through this change. I was thinking of you today, so it was nice to see an update from you. I hope closing goes well (without any hiccups). 😉

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Conny! The new house is beautiful! I love the brick and stone. I moved into a small kitchen too, and since I love to cook, I bought metal storage shelving at Sam’s for less than $100 and I now have open storage for my small appliances and some baskets for kitchen gadgets. This freed up the limited cabinets for pots and pans, dishes/glassware, and mixing/baking/storage containers. With six shelves, I have SO much stored in a small amount of floor space. I thought about getting a storage cabinet with doors, but the open shelves also force me to clean and organize regularly!

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