Project 1650 to 1340: Moving In

It has ben almost 1 month since we closed on our little house. We’ve been busy moving our things, getting rid of MORE stuff, working, going to school, and to add some interest to my life – we went through a big deal inspection that affects our accreditation at my work place last week! (which we passed with flying colors, thankfully!)

Northwest Arkansas has experienced some more winter weather. In fact, today, after a week of almost Spring-like temperatures, it snowed this morning! It shut down schools, but we were still able to go to work.

We have been pleasantly surprised at how well all our “stuff” has fit into the house. The hardest fit was – as I knew it would be – the kitchen. Our garage is set up much like the game Jenga – which I am actually rather proud of (my son helped a lot in organizing it!) – and I will document our innovation in garage storage later. Sadly, we can’t park 2 cars in the garage any more … but we knew that would be the case.

So, do come in! One new items we bought for the house is this entry bench from Wayfair (at a super sale price!). I just ordered some kitchen stools from them as well yesterday – they do have great clearance & sale prices sometimes.

This key holder is one of my favorite things – I got it at a craft bazaar when we lived in Germany. The vendor was from England, and the design reminded me of the cottages we saw when we visited the Cotswolds in 1997. The little “take a deep breath” plague is a house-warming gift from my sister-in-law – and I couldn’t agree more every time I walk into my house!

This bookcase is one of 9 pieces I bought unfinished, and I then stained, sealed and built for Dan many years ago when we moved to our house in Missouri. It was my labor-of-love to support his love for books and collections. In our rental house, we were able to have all the bookcases in our living room except 1. Upon down-sizing, we weren’t sure how many pieces we’d be able to use – but we’ve managed to fit 5 bookcases into the living room. The remaining 2 book cases and 2 end pieces (triangular display shelves) are in the garage.

More sneak peeks into our down-sizing project to come! Meanwhile, this weekend, we are donating the last of the items we don’t need, can’t use, or are clothes that don’t fit (mainly Mim’s clothes as she is suddenly getting tall!!). I wish I had kept a record of everything we got rid of – which I know you can do for tax purposes as well … but they include a huge dresser w/ mirror, a huge head & foot board w/ frame (from our queen size bed), and dishes, CD racks, desk chairs, bedding (comforter sets), clothes, shoes, old toys & electronics, 1 lawn mower, and broken TV/VCR combs (we had 2!!?!). Plus all the stuff we threw away or disposed of that NO ONE would need. And it has been AMAZING to downsize! I highly recommend it. 🙂


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  1. Tanya says:

    OOoo……..I really like the key rack and sign by the door. Super cute!

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