Project 1650 to 1340: And Done!

We have been in our house for 5 months now. It took a little getting used to driving different routes and learning to get around in our new area. But I’m already learning the back roads and best ways to get to all the places I like to go. Moving north has put us closer to the towns of Rogers and Bentonville, which are growing at an amazing rate. They have every store, restaurant, and amenity you can imagine (if you’re willing to brave the traffic – ha!). Lowell (where we live) still maintains that small town feeling; their boundary sign states there are 9,000-something residents – but I’m sure it is well over 10,000 right now. It’s growing too

Back in mid-June, we experience our first Mudtown Days at the local park, which we can walk to. Lowell, Arkansas was once known as Mudtown. In the 1840’s Old Wire Road came through the area, running wagons and supplies (and later the telegraph) through the state, and the deep ruts in the road were treacherous after a strong rain, making it hard for wagon trains that were coming through. And thus Lowell earned its nickname.

Lowell experienced some incidents related to the Civil War, even hosting a Confederate encampment for a while. Its most famous resident was the car manufacturer Edsel Ford, who attended elementary school in Lowell in the early 1940s. There are lots of interesting things that happened in this little town Lowell, Arkansas (Lowell rhymes with BOWL, by the way).

Anyway, we’re slowly adjusting to living smaller (it isn’t so bad!). We got rid of so much and have slowly added new items – bar stools for the kitchen counter, a bench for the front entry area, a new head board, lots of new and repurposed storage, and a new rug for the living area. We still need a coffee table and some more seating for the living area as all we brought over was a small couch. Some day I’d like a smaller dining room table. All in good time …

(I can’t wait to get a privacy fence too!)

Miriam has a tiny garden going on our back patio – and for the first time EVER, we’ve had a tomato plant that has actually produced a few beautiful, ripe, red tomatoes. It’s a Lowell Miracle! (especially if I could tell you how black my thumb is!)

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